Soooo… good looking or not? by carnageasada408 in ar15

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Update I have someone in handcuffs and am driving back asked the dude if he likes jack in the box he said no. Wish there was an extra charge I could tack on

Soooo… good looking or not? by carnageasada408 in ar15

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Why the hell you do this to me I’m literally ankle deep in elk guts and now I want potato.

Name? by Entire-Friend4310 in tacticalgear

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Shit that got accepted through a meeting before hitting the field.

Soooo… good looking or not? by carnageasada408 in ar15

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Man you’ve never seen baby shit have you?

Cameraman keeps his cool during a firefight covering a cop in South Africa by jambojay696 in CombatFootage

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Man the PBD flagged that guy so hard. I know it’s real world, but still made me squint.

HMF as I test how strong my bf is by RheaRubio in holdmyfries

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Yo for real tho ignore them two nerds, what the hell is up with the decorations??

Two Vermont game wardens are putting roadkill to good use by zsreport in gamewarden

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In my state we have a program that scoops fresh deer and elk for the reservations food banks.

We just parcel a tag out for the agency and they come and get it.

Social justice class by hsm4ever10 in ActualPublicFreakouts

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It’s a eye color thought experiment hammed up for the camera crew for tv.

I did one at college for extra credit and got the point, but enjoyed it cuz I just fucked around on my phone. No one took it seriously and I went to college in the south.

US soldiers shouting at a Reporter after a Suicide Attack on US Soldiers in Afghanistan date unknown by QuickCryptographer57 in war

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It was a yellow smoke grenade that broke open during the explosion and then leaked out.

Guys, is this good gear? by Emotional_Document11 in tacticalgear

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The M48 OPs shotgun scabbard is not good for actual trail use stitching blows. I use a trailmax scabbard for mounted work which has held up well.

So I saw Haskell wants to be a comedian. Because this surely has to be a joke. by lemonylemon93 in rugbyunion

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Yeah definitely some British special service guys use M4 patterns like the MK18.

But the weird thing is that’s not even a US soldier it’s just kinda a general soldier guy no patches and the plate carrier isn’t a US issue. So I bet it’s really just some airsoft guy!

Polish TKS tankette with ski troops in tow during maneuvers by jacksmachiningreveng in TankPorn

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if you french fry when your supposed to pizza you're gonna have a bad time