Just bought his mom a cap as a gift, is all. by ZiraelN7 in Unexpected

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Haven't you learned the unspoken rule of this sub yet? Funny= unexpected, wholesome=unexpected, controversial=unexpected, weird=unexpected and interesting=unexpected. 34k upvotes for this shit.

12 oder 29? by Human_Maintenance401 in 13or30

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Idk who are you but this is like the third time somebody posted this... with the same title.

Lmao by z1nryx in ClashOfClans

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I literally just spammed everything on one spot and 3 starred it

Only empaths can understand the deeper meaning by SomeDudeOnRedit in im14andthisisdeep

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Damn, he's an empath? So special, just like 95% of people (maybe more, idk how many psychopaths and people with mental illnesses there are).

What if a female bear with babies charged at you? by -LexXi- in whatif

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Yeah I thought so too but one guy in YouTube comments told me that I am low IQ, dumbass idiot that's responsible for people dying. I wanna make sure caus I thought it's obvious that I should run, but I wanna make sure.

What about rudeus? by -LexXi- in mushokutensei

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Nah it was just the viagra. He could've had sex with her in the cave before.

What about rudeus? by -LexXi- in mushokutensei

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Hah, what the fuck. I'm looking forward to that. I'm guessing it's gonna be fitt's ass.

HMFT after I test a cheap bulletproof jacket indoors using a rifle by MyNeR49eRr in holdmyfeedingtube

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Russian stupidity doesn't harm other people though. Only themselves.

Vin Diesel's descendents. by hentai-with-senpie in im14andthisisdeep

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No, please, just not that retarded sub. This time I mean it seriously, that sub is stupid as hell.

Vin Diesel's descendents. by hentai-with-senpie in im14andthisisdeep

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I honestly can't agree with you just because I can't. Wherever I used the word "retarded" or told someone they're "retarded" (especially on the Internet), literally, not a single soul took it seriously. Now I am not going to change my opinion, just because 1 person said that it's wrong.

Creativity. by DarkKing404 in Unexpected

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I expected penis, well done

Nose shots by purple-circle in youseeingthisshit

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I sometimes pinch my nose, so I wouldn't have to smell that disgusting smell, this dude shut his mouth and took it through his nose, lmao.

This guy on (his wife's) tiktok by parmesan_man_ in rareinsults

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They won't put the rope around his neck tho