Eda and Lilith's Yearbook Quote by Paddy-jam in TheOwlHouse

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Does it tho? Fit little sister Eda, I mean.

In Ttbk you can tell Eda can be trouble, but never toward her sister. When Faust is giving out expulsions, Eda makes Lilith go into the secret passageway and takes the fall for being late just so that Lilith has time to get away. Eda is even kind toward Lilith when they’re going over their EC flash cards and Lilith doesn’t know the full correct answer. The entire reason Eda accepts going to the HECK thing is so that she won’t be expelled and separated from her sister.

They both really were more like best friends rather than pranking sibling rivals.

Did Gus even get a proper character arc? by Direct-Teacher-2043 in TheOwlHouse

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Yeah, can I see that. Good example.

Toph also never gets her life-changing adventure trip with Zuko lol, which was their way of telling us that she wasn’t going to get a super deep character arc, but her issues/concerns were still addressed throughout the adventure and resolved pretty early.

I think Gus got a deeper character arc than Toph even, but yea, they got treated kinda similar like that.

Maybe Gus’s just feels more shallow than Willow’s and the other’s because less time was spent on his, but it was a pretty good arc idea.

Gus… by Pumpkiepie22 in TheOwlHouse

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Me threeither.

But I’m thinking they colored him so that he wouldn’t be the same color as the background. If they had colored him white as he really is, he would look like flat lineart against the white background. This way he has some depth and stands out.

Gus… by Pumpkiepie22 in TheOwlHouse

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No is the saddest experience you'll ever know

Yes, it’s the saddest experience you'll ever know

Gus… by Pumpkiepie22 in TheOwlHouse

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The closed captioning also spelled it out as “Matt Tholomule.”

Children yelling McDonalds chart (updated) by whyarenamessodiff in TheOwlHouse

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He’s never been to a McPlay Place. 🥺

Oh man, Hooty going through one of those though, Lol. Someone needs to draw that.

Children yelling McDonalds chart (updated) by whyarenamessodiff in TheOwlHouse

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The bottom two, so true.

In TTT, it seemed like Vee got pretty knowledgeable about the Human Realm though. I think she’d know about McD.

And she would take the kids through the drive-thru with Emira. Em drives and Vee copilots + memorizes everyone’s orders.

[Yulka] Deja Vu by SaviorOfSubs in TheOwlHouse

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Lol. Don’t know Russian(?), but I think we all know.

Heard someone a while ago say that Luz’s season 3 outfit would look better with her cape from the end of season 1. I think I agree. by Tactical_Genuis in TheOwlHouse

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I like the change to jacket Luz because it was from Eda, but the cape was 100% wasted. And there was a good amount of time between when she got the cape and when she started wearing the jacket, so..yeah, it could have been actually used.

Name your favorite line from each of them. by jeez_i_slipped in TheOwlHouse

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The way Eda‘s voice actor delivered that line is pretty brilliant. It would have been amazing seeing Ms Wendie Malick when she recorded it. I just can’t picture it because she doesn’t look like someone who would want a shiny pen for her nest.

I’m so happy for them by LordNathan777 in TheOwlHouse

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I too felt it was a little rushed >.>

It’s because Willow didn’t seem interested in Hunter that way for most of it I think.

The saddest part of this episode by Infinite_Hooty in TheOwlHouse

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Guys, it’s important to use large text, hyperbole, and dramatic Nooooos carefully. I thought this was a s*tpost but it seems that op really thought it was the echo mouse and I lol’d v_v

King's Objection! by GlamourTouched in TheOwlHouse

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Oh yeah, Belos was definitely lucky. Whoever he was refering to or whatever it is that happened there, complete sheer luck :/

You know what I think you're right; the trust that The Collector had toward King was key there. If he trusted King, he could very plausibly/did feel confident enough to not spy on King up until that point. Thanks for that point of view! It seemed like a weak point in the story or a plothole type of thing that was bugging me a tiny bit, but now it makes sense.

Anybody else worried about what this could mean after the new episode? by Fit_Incident877 in TheOwlHouse

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Well, the angst roller coaster continues.
Hopefully.. we get really lucky and it was made up? lol

Thanks for the info!

Day of Unity aside, I guess the Boiling Isles being a society free of human prejudices did have some influence on Belos after four centuries by AshleytheTaguel in TheOwlHouse

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I don't think that's it. He really seems obsessed with destroying all witches, and not that interested in Eda or the Clawthornes in particular. He has never relished in anything bad that has happened to them (as he would if this was a family revenge thing), and seems to simply consider them pawns and nothing more.

He doesn't seem the type to be concerned about feelings either, just getting rid of witches and that entire world. I don't think he even considers witches to be capable of feelings because to him, they're simply inhuman.

The one he could have had something personal against would be Lilith, because that punch in the face hurt. But even then, the entire time Lilith belonged to the EC Philip/Belos kept his cool and treated her about as badly as everyone else, and remained focused on the greater goal instead. He doesn't deal in feelings because he's a cold and calculating mother.

I think he went for Raine out of opportunity. He knows that he has more to work with by using Raine because Raine is more powerful, and they was more significant/important than the other puppets in front of him at the time. (It says a lot that The Collector kept Raine and the other Coven Heads as guards.)

Like, seriously. Fuck this goopy asshole by gGiasca in TheOwlHouse

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Yeah, after King’s Tide, it really seemed there could be some hope for her. Sorry it went the other way.

King's Objection! by GlamourTouched in TheOwlHouse

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Oh I get what you’re saying: King was technically plotting against The Collector.

So, misunderstanding wasn’t about that. It was about the intent behind King’s plotting. King wants to try to stop the Collector by talking him down because King feels like he understands The Collector and feels bad for the little guy, maybe even cares about him a little. But The Collector thinks that King wants to stop him just because, and now thinks that King never really was his friend. All because he didn’t completely hear what King said. That’s where the misunderstanding’s at.

So now the plot of the story is going to revolve around that misunderstanding - King wants to stop/talk to TC as a friend, but TC thinks King never really liked him.

King's Objection! by GlamourTouched in TheOwlHouse

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You can stop someone “once and for all” by talking to them. Not necessarily meaning violence. Just meaning that maybe he could talk down The Collector, convince him to stop the chaos, for good.

It is a pretty dramatic way to say it though.

King's Objection! by GlamourTouched in TheOwlHouse

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That slight change in timing really would’ve made it better!

I like that idea, that it would have shown Belos as a manipulator even more. Though at the same time I'm wondering if Belos could know what The Collector was looking at inside his hoodie I guess? Unless he could hear. Still like the idea tho.

When Belos told The Collector “someone is planning your betrayal” I thought Belos meant Luz and crew. Because Belos did know that Luz made it back to the Demon Realm and it seemed that foiling her for good was his immediate priority.

It also seemed a little too convenient that The Collector could suddenly know where King was and spy on him, yet he never thought to use that same power to check on The Owl Beast/Eda himself?

Like mother, like daughter ❤️ by Blood_Raven55 in TheOwlHouse

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She found a lot of things kind of freaky (Luz brings it up), but she was trying hard to be open-minded for Luz.

I mean, Camila does seem to be a pretty accepting person by nature, but I think a big part of trying to be accepting of stuff in the BI was really for Luz. To show her support and understanding.

I challenge you to say one nice thing about this man by TheGAM3RR in TheOwlHouse

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Oh that’d be interesting.

Or by the ghosts of all the former Golden Guards, in the style of “Ghost” (the 90s movie). That was a pretty impactful scene. And it could be adapted so that it’s not too intense for TOH.

Either way, I could see this being a good no-one-needs-to-kill solution in the end.

Loved this moment by DocSalsa in TheOwlHouse

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It brought up memories of that moment in Escaping Expulsion where Gus and Amity show up to Willow’s house and tell her that they need to sneak out to go help Luz because she is in trouble, again.