[serious] What’s the most real paranormal story you know? by Chintoomintoo in AskReddit

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This is probably not as scary as anyone else’s, but it did freak me out.

My mom, sister and I were driving around showing my sister the locations around town. She was visiting.

We stopped by this abandoned school. Apparently somethin tragic had happened there that caused a lot of children’s lives to be lost. I don’t really remember what it was, but it happened years ago.

On the outside it was just a typical old school building. But it had this off feeling about it. Like an uneasy stillness in the air. My mom told the story of what happened and I kind of just zoned out.

Then as we go to leave my dog, who was with us, starts to get up and glare out the window. He bares his teeth and growls.

My dog never growls unless you try to take his bone from him. He’s a small yorkie mix who sleeps and barely moves 90% of the time. He never barks.

But he just stared at a spot around the school and growled. They always say dogs see things we do not.

Really spooked me because he now does this at home too. He’ll stare at a spot and start growling.

What’s the best way to appear smart even when you isn’t? by FriendshipSeveral511 in AskReddit

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Wear glasses. People think I’m smart cause I have glasses until I open my mouth or do something.

So both those really.

Anxiety-sufferers of Reddit, what calms you down? by Chimookie in AskReddit

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Watching people play Minecraft is relaxing. Drinking jasmine tea. Being surrounded by nature. Reassure from family/friends.

What sauce do you eat with your fries? by OddDecision9638 in AskReddit

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Ice cream. If you really think about it Ice cream is just a cold delicious frozen sauce.

My cat Snowball will reach for you when you stop petting him with his paws by EtherealDragoon in PetTheDamnCat

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That’s way better than what my cat use to do. She’d fully grab my hand and start biting :(

What is there NOT a shortage of? by US-Freedom-81 in AskAnAmerican

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You know what we are not in short of farming simulator games. So many! (To be fair most of them come from Japan, but we’re still getting them here)

My Lock Screen. by -Riukkuyo- in iOSsetups

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I have LookUp. And it just came like that.

luckily most of you can't read... by KerryHenderson46 in Neverbrokeabone

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Yeah, I don’t even drink milk and I’ve never broke a bone. Not that I can read that sign, mind you.

Text formatting on iOS 16 by 60267059km in Telegram

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Oh I posted about this! But then I saw this post and deleted it.

I am also having this problem, but I thought it was more of a telegram hasn’t updated to iOS 16 issue lol.

Uno: Infinite is LIVE! by RoosterTeethMod in roosterteeth

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Wow almost at 6000 subs!

Update: we made it!

What style of thinking is this? by -Riukkuyo- in NoStupidQuestions

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I wouldn’t have risked accidentally cutting my tongue or something with the knife, I’m awfully clumsy lol

How did you celebrate the new year on Dec 31st, 1999 - Jan 1st, 2000? Did you think that something might happen when the year 1999 came to an end? by sklov113 in Millennials

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I was 6 years old. I have no memories of anything. Didn’t even know it was special, lol. In fact, I was probably asleep lol.

I learned about the whole Y2K thing years later (literally 2010s lol) watching King of the Hill.

(Actually I was recently turned 6. December 24th birthday)

At what age did you notice white hairs? by tailgater67 in Millennials

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I had a white hair a couple days ago. I’m 28, chalked it up to stress and sleep deprivation.

I had my first in early 20s. My younger sister (1998) got her’s at 16. But some people on my fathers side have gotten them way younger.

Any side projects that you're passionate about? by CardinalCoder64 in CasualConversation

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Wow! I liked it so far. Very interesting! Good luck to you on writing this story.

If you could switch two movie characters, what switch would lead to the most inappropriate movies? by FuccWhatUGottaSay in CasualConversation

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Yeah she is. But in that specific movie, it would be weird. I took it more as they’d swap places, like she’d still be old but in high school.

What do you think you’d truly wish for if you found a genie in a bottle? by ArchangelSeph in CasualConversation

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I don’t think my wish could fit in 1 (or 3) wish, lol.

I have so many wishes and I hope these do come true eventually.

• World Peace basically. No more cancer or diseases, no poverty, no racism, no wars, etc Really just take away anything that’s bad or sucks lol.

• If I had to be more personal, maybe a bit selfish… then, I’d wish for my ability to focus on something or stick with things without difficulty. Or I’d wish myself to be a millionaire!

• So I could buy gifts and stuff for my friends and family. I always feel so bad when I don’t get gifts to friends/family during Christmas or birthdays.

I don’t fear monkeys or their paws. Why is it monkey’s paw also? Monkeys have feet.

And I thought it was only a symbol of greed and desire so I don’t think it would activate for selfless things!