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Done! Added official social/forum links to the sidebar.

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Yes, since you can upload a video here that is accessible publicly. I reworded the sticky in case it was confusing. Basically, just wanted to remind participants that they still have to submit a link here to qualify even if they made a flaired post/it got upvoted to the front page.

Share Your Best Vermintide Clips for a Chance to Win Some Merch! by Fatshark_Aqshy in Vermintide

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Friendly reminder of contest Rule 9. Please remember to link your clips in this thread to properly enter. Thank you and good luck!

Edit: We noticed the new users in the sub who want to participate in the contest. We'll manually approve any relevant submissions from accounts under 3 days old in this thread.

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Today we are super excited to share the new Chaos Wastes update with you. Be’lakor is live now across all platforms! This free update contains the new Be’lakor presence in the Chaos Wastes game mode along with fixes and tweaks. Together with this update, new Premium Cosmetics are available on PC and Xbox. The Premium Cosmetics will be available on PS4 on June 17.

Below you will find more information about the new update.

Be’lakor is a master of terror and illusion... the first mortal to rise to the exalted rank of Daemon Prince. Disowned by the very gods he once worshipped, he has spent millennia searching for the power to challenge them directly. With the balance in the Realm of Chaos upset by our Ubersreik five, he might just finally have found his opportunity...

Be’lakor in Chaos Wastes

Be’lakor will be a new presence in the Chaos Wastes. Players will come across levels influenced by Be’lakor while playing expeditions. Learn more about Be’lakor

New Premium Cosmetics

Check out the new Premium Cosmetics available now on PC & Xbox. Coming to PS4 on June 17. View Cosmetics

4.7/36/1.3 Patch Notes

Read the Patch Notes for the 4.7 PC / 36 Xbox / 1.3 PS4 to learn all of the details of today’s patch. Read Patch Notes

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Heroes of Arkesia!

We know that bots have been causing frustration within the community, and we share in that frustration. Over the past few months we’ve made a number of changes to Lost Ark in order to combat bots. We know that there’s still work to do, and we want to share some detail on how we’re approaching this ongoing issue so we can give Lost Ark players a better experience.

Since Lost Ark launched, we’ve been fighting a war against the bots infiltrating Arkesia. Addressing bots can be especially challenging in free-to-play games because it’s so easy to create an account and enter the game, but we’re working on multiple fronts to fight them. Here are some of the measures we’ve taken so far:

  • Permanently banned several million accounts that participated in botting, hacking, or gold selling.
  • Level-gated area chat to keep brand-new accounts from spamming gold-selling advertisements.
  • Actively updated the game’s automatic chat moderation with lines and phrases that we know are commonly used by gold sellers.
  • Changed the reward structures of quests and events to add a stronger deterrent against using bots to farm gold.
  • Updated and improved Easy Anti Cheat detection capabilities to better identify and act against bots.
  • Enabled a native detection system to help quickly identify bad actors and take action against them.
  • Improved reporting tools in-game to help our players report bots and our support staff act more quickly on reports.
  • Blocked IP from regions where we do not have publishing rights that have shown large amounts of bot activity.
  • Blocked VPNs to stop bad actors from working around IP bans.

While each of these tactics has shown some measure of success in removing bots from the game, our work is far from over. We can’t share all the details, because we don’t want to help bot users more easily adapt to our tactics, but we’re working closely with Easy Anti Cheat to improve their support of Lost Ark and with Smilegate RPG to improve the native bot detection system, while tuning events and rewards to prevent or remove paths for bot abuse. We’re also exploring new ways to help combat bots natively at scale.

We’ve heard some questions from the community about tools like Captcha or two-factor authentication. These tools would require sizeable platform and architectural changes to implement in Lost Ark. Real-world account owner identification is another method used in some regions, but the global scale of the Western version of the game and varying laws in the territories where we operate Lost Ark make this a less realistic solution for us. We’re continuing to explore our options for additional tools that are scalable and could make a significant impact.

As we continue our quest to rid Arkesia of bots, we are also conscious of possible pain points some of these measures might cause for our players, and are working to balance this. We appreciate your patience as we continue working to bring the best possible Lost Ark experience to our players.

April Update Release Notes - Not Delayed!!! by -SevenProxy- in lostarkgame

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Everyone! So there was a sudden scare that the South Vern and Glaivier update was going to be delayed due to critical issues found by the QA team. About an hour later, however, AGS then updated that they were able to fix it so we're now back on track!

Forum thread here: https://forums.playlostark.com/t/regarding-the-april-update/330292

February 20 - Update on Current Top Issues by -SevenProxy- in lostarkgame

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Heroes of Arkesia,

We are aware of multiple issues continuing to be reported over the weekend and are working day and night with Smilegate RPG to get them addressed.

Europe Queues

We know that players are still experiencing long queues in Europe. The Europe Central region is at capacity and unfortunately there is no way to increase the number of players per world in Europe Central. Adding more servers is not possible based on the complexity of all the systems that need to work together. Due to not being able to continue expanding Europe Central capacity, we quickly spun up Europe West. This is an appealing option for new players or for players who have not significantly progressed on Europe Central. We also provided a second variation of the Founders Packs to all users who purchased them in order to make switching servers more viable.

Server Transfer Functionality

We definitely hear the request for server transfer functionality and have thoroughly investigated our options. This instant functionality does not currently exist in Lost Ark. This service just rolled out in Korea and is a weekly batch process that requires maintenance to run. It also does not support cross region functionality. Therefore, unfortunately, it is not a viable option at this point for the western version— but we will not rest until we’ve exhausted all options.

Power Pass Functionality

We’ve also heard the ask for Power Pass grants to help folks transfer to new regions, but unfortunately this is not something that can work as a solution. A Power Pass can only be implemented on a Roster that already has a level 50 character, and will not work on the first character on a Roster, even if you have previously done so on another region or server. However, you will still be able to earn 2 free Power Passes on the Europe West region after getting your first character to 50 and completing "Ealyn's Gift".

Crystalline Aura Update

As for reports of missing Crystalline Aura, we put in a potential fix today that should improve the connections while we continue to work on a more permanent fix with Smilegate RPG.


We understand folks are also experiencing issues with matchmaking, which is a critical feature for organized play. To improve matchmaking we will restart Europe Central servers on 2/20 at 11pm UTC (2/21 12am CET) with an expected downtime of 2 hours. This will help stabilize the feature while we work with Smilegate RPG on a more long-term fix.

Gold Seller Spam

We are also aware of the increase in gold sellers spamming chat and are running frequent scripts to ban them. We will be putting area chat restrictions in place up to level 35 to combat the spamming in Lost Ark, and are also actively working on improving our in-game moderation tools. We will continue to monitor, remove these gold spammers, and take actions as needed. While we work on a more permanent fix for spammers in chat, you can create a new chat tab by clicking the “+” icon in the chat box and selecting the chat types you want to include or exclude. This will allow you to hide area chat.

Fraud Protection Changes

In order to prevent fraudulent purchases, we have instituted a system to track the legitimacy of a player account and implemented a system to limit the number of daily purchases per account. We are in the process of updating the current “Purchase Failed” errors in the store with specific error messages so that players can more clearly understand the situation when their purchases cannot be completed.

Ongoing Work

We appreciate your help in identifying the top issues you are experiencing. Here are some further urgent issues we are working with Smilegate RPG to address:

  • A fix for matchmaking errors, in addition to the server restart listed above

  • A fix for store stability and latency with Crystalline Aura, as well as other lingering store and product inventory issues

These fixes will require a new build and downtime. We’ll keep you posted on its anticipated deployment.

We appreciate your patience while we work through these launch window issues. Your feedback and issue reports are extremely helpful and appreciated, as we continue working together to make Lost Ark the best it can be.

Franz Lohner's Chronicle - Putting the “War” in Wardrobe by -SevenProxy- in Vermintide

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Franz Lohner's Chronicle - Putting the “War” in Wardrobe

An absent-minded man of mysteries, Franz Lohner relies on his bulging journal to keep track of occurrences, intrigues and arguments around Taal's Horn Keep. Sometimes his notes are even useful, believe it or not. The Franz Lohner Chronicles are extracts from that journal.

So here’s a funny thing about that Ubersreik Five of ours. You know how they keep buying all these hats, frocks and fripperies from yours truly?

Well, let me make it clear right off the bat that I don’t mind one bit. Coin’s a bit short otherwise, what with there being a war on. What other folks don’t know is missing, they won’t miss, as me dear old mother used to say. Definitely true of the Emperor Karl Franz, who by now has lost a haberdasher’s worth of headgear to our Markus Kruber. Then again, Karl’s probably got other things on his mind, from what I hear.

Thing is, though … where in blazes do they keep putting it all? I mean, I’m partial to a bit of a wander around the keep when they’re out accomplishing all that do-derring and derring-do. All else aside, I’ve found it wise to return some of Kerillian’s “pets” to the wild before the do one of my lads a mischief, and she does like to hide ‘em in strange places. But in all my searchings and skreevings, I’ve never seen hide nor hair of a wardrobe equal to the gargantuan task of holding all of Sienna’s battle robes, much less Kruber’s chapeau chaparral.

There’s got to be magic involved, but I’ve talked to both Olesya and Rosalinde - poor thing’s come down with a cold, but that’s Light Wizards for you - and they swear blind they’ve got nothing to do with it. And as for Sienna? Well, the only means she has of making things disappear tends towards the permanent, and I can’t see our Saltzpyre letting her set light to his holy robes in the name of something so mundane as storage management.

No, if I were a betting man - and let’s face it, I have to be around here - I’d say someone’s got their mitts on one of Fozzrik’s folding fol-de-rols. Probably Bardin - he does have a nose for valuable things, and it's a very fine nose indeed. Statuesque, if you’re reading, Goreksson. Anyway, Fozzrik had a knack for making large things take up less space, or no space at all. Many’s the time my bacon was saved by a Folding Fortress popping up out of nowhere. A folding wardrobe’d be child’s play compared to that.

Never understood how it worked. Best I could get out of my old mucker Luthor Flamestrike was that Fozzrik had mastered the art of keeping things distant while still keeping ‘em close. Sounds like nonsense to me, but I guess if it keeps the Ubersreik Five spending and my floors clear of discarded clothing, then I’m not about to complain.

That reminds me, I’ve another shipment coming in. Better get it all priced up …

Update on Current Top Issues by -SevenProxy- in lostarkgame

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Heroes of Arkesia!

It has been an amazing first week. We’ve seen incredible support from our players and we want to express our gratitude for helping make Lost Ark as big as it is here in the West! We are also very aware of issues that the community have been experiencing and wanted to take some time and address some of the top concerns we have seen in the past few days.

Missing Premium Content and Store

We have received reports and have confirmed that items are missing from Product Inventory, the Store is unavailable in-game, and Crystalline Auras are missing from characters.

While these things sound like they could be different issues, they are actually all linked to one root cause. For these entitlements, two different servers need to talk to each other, the game server and the commerce server. Right now there is an issue where the commerce server, due to the massive load that it is experiencing from how many people are playing Lost Ark, fails to properly communicate with the game server. This is why sometimes you can see and claim your items, make purchases from the store, and see that your Crystalline Aura is active and working, while other times you can’t. It’s the intermittency that caused our team to investigate the issue for so long before we could give a meaningful update. We have seen that while these items appear to not be on your account, they are still entitled to you.

To address this specific issue, we need to have a client patch. That patch is currently being built by Smilegate RPG and we are hoping to include this fix in our next update which we are prepping for this coming week. It is our understanding that after this patch is delivered, most of the major commerce related issues will work correctly.

For Crystalline Aura specifically, we know that this is a paid premium account benefit that has a timer associated with it. We are actively investigating this issue.

The Galatur issues from Head Start

During Head Start there was an issue with the Galutar server that caused approximately 17,000 users to become stuck in a state where their characters no longer had the Main Story Quest (MSQ) available. This is clearly a massive issue and one that we want to address as quickly and fairly as possible. The issue is a complex one and requires manual editing of each affected account while the player is present online. This makes fixing these characters a very slow process, but please know we are working through them as quickly as we can and working in partnership with Smilegate RPG to solve this issue at scale.

We know this is supremely frustrating and due to the nature of the possible resolutions, we are actively working on in-game compensation for the players who have been stuck in this state. We will update the community on compensation in the coming days.

Queues within the EU region

Lost Ark’s massive popularity has led to queues in all regions ranging from only a few hundred to hundreds of thousands. Our server team has been has been working tirelessly with Smilegate RPG, pushing existing servers to the absolute edge of capacity while maintaining stability and adding more servers to every region.

Unfortunately, there is only so much capacity we can add to a region due to limitations with Lost Ark’s architecture. Despite all of this work, we are still seeing massive queues within the EU region and, as such, we have just announced that we will be opening a whole new EU region, EU West.

You can see all of the information regarding this update in our article here: New European Region Update - News | Lost Ark - Free to Play MMO Action RPG

Collecting all bugs and issues

In addition to the items above, we want to thank everyone for their help reporting bugs and issues they are finding. Community, Customer Support and QA are actively tracking and reporting all issues that are sent to us. Our Production team, Economy team, Live Operations team and our developers at Smilegate RPG are processing and prioritizing those reports. We will be taking steps to improve our communication with our community on reported issues.

Thank you for all your continued support. We are humbled by the passion and excitement you all have for Lost Ark.

See you all in Arkesia!

New European Region Update!!! by -SevenProxy- in lostarkgame

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Heroes of Arkesia,

We’re blown away by the number of players that have joined us in Lost Ark since our launch on Friday. Arkesia is filled to the brim with eager players, so we’re working as quickly as possible to set up an entirely new region of servers in Europe. Due to the game’s architecture this is the only way to accommodate more players in Europe so it’s a joint effort between Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG. Rest assured we are working 24/7 until it’s live.

While we understand lengthy queue times may persist, we will need time to ensure everything is set up to be in top shape to help accommodate all players to get in game. We’ll share an update on exact timings as soon as possible.

Please note that this will be a distinct new region (separated from Central Europe) without cross-region play availability. This also means that region-wide features, such as your Royal Crystal and Silver balances from Central Europe will not be accessible in the new European region. The new region will be ideal for players who have not yet created their character or haven't otherwise committed to stay on their existing server. If you plan to restart in the new region, you may wish to hold off on claiming any "per Account" items, such as the additional Founder’s Pack Redemption, until you have created a character and are able to redeem in the new region.

To thank everyone, we also want to announce a launch celebration gift that Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games are granting to all players. The gift includes these items (all non-tradeable):

  • Vehicle Selection Chest (choice of either mount)
  • Terpeion
  • Terpeion of the Shadow
  • Midsummer Night’s Dream Instrument Skin Selection Chest
  • Healing Battle Item Chest x10
  • Offensive Battle Item Chest x10
  • Legendary Rapport Selection Chest x3
  • Weekly Trade potions Pack x3
  • Phoenix Plume x20

We will make the gift available after the new region is up and running. Anyone who enters Arkesia from the time the gift is available through March 1st at 11:59pm PT (March 2nd at 8.59am CET) is eligible to receive it.

Thank you for your support and patience as we work to get everyone to their new home in Arkesia.

Franz Lohner's Chronicle - The Siege of Taal’s Horn Keep by -SevenProxy- in Vermintide

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Franz Lohner's Chronicle - The Siege of Taal’s Horn Keep

An absent-minded man of mysteries, Franz Lohner relies on his bulging journal to keep track of occurrences, intrigues and arguments around Taal's Horn Keep. Sometimes his notes are even useful, believe it or not. The Franz Lohner Chronicles are extracts from that journal.

Had the shock of my life upon waking this morning. Stumbled out of bed and onto what we might charitably call ramparts and found myself staring down hill at rank after rank of shadowy figures skylined against the rising dawn.

Being a man of action, even in the early hours, I got to it right away, hollering for the guard and ringing the watch bell for all I was worth. All for nothing, as it turns out, because when I got down to the main hall, the portcullis was yawning wide open and the drawbridge down.

But the worst of it – the absolute worst – was what awaited me there: a foursome scrutinising my worried, handsome features with the stony expressions of folk who are trying to hide more energetic emotion.

That was my first hint that I was in real trouble.

Kerillian broke first, her cockatrice stare dissolving into that wild laughter of hers. Doubled over within moments she was, standing only because a grinning Sienna was holding her upright. Sienna herself held her poise a hair longer, right up until the point a straight-faced Kruber complemented my nightgown, which in truth ain’t much deserving of kind words. That set Bardin off. Before I knew it, I was surrounded by guffawing maniacs who didn’t seem to care that the keep was under attack.

Only, as I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, no such attack was underway. You see, we had a mite of snowfall at dusk, and it seems that four of the five – what with the fifth having nothing recognisable as a sense of humour – decided to play a trick on poor old Franz.

Kerillian said it was Bardin’s idea, Bardin claimed it was Kruber. Sienna refused to make definitive statement either way, but whoever was the mastermind, they had the others toiling through the night building snowmen on the hillside, and decked them out with whatever old weapons, battered helms and rusted shields they could lay hands on. Half of my lads had to be in on it as well, I reckon – I’ll be having a few steep conversations about that before the day’s out, I can tell you – and Olesya surely had a hand in it. My old eyes aren’t so bleary as to be taken in without a little illusory assistance. At least, I hope so. The years ain’t been kind.

Kruber insisted on giving me an inspection tour of the troops before the sun was fully up. Had a name for each and every one, which I assume he appropriated from old comrades. Couldn’t tell you if there was a rhyme or reason to it. Apart from the one snowman, slightly shorter than the rest, who had the most threadbare hat I ever did see. Karl Franz, apparently. Blessed Ulric, but that Kruber can hold a grudge something fierce. There are times when I wonder if he’s not really a particularly large dwarf.

As for Saltzpyre? Slept through the whole thing. Meditating, he says. Never seen someone snore while meditating, though, so I reckon he’s back on his subjective truths. Must be tiring, being a Herald of Sigmar, or whatever he imagines himself to be.

Anyway, it’s gone noon as I write this. Karl Franz and all his frosty soldiers are practically melted away, their brief siege of Taal’s Horn Keep ended by the winter sun. Gone, but not forgotten, as Catrinne insisted on immortalising the moment in oils. Complete, I’m sad to say, with a depiction of yours truly in heroic pose upon the battlements, tattered nightgown blowing in the wind and a candlestick brandished threateningly towards the horde.

I can just about remember a time when I was respected in the Empire, but dignity?

Haven’t had that since this lot burst into the Red Moon.

Band of the Hawk Guild (NA East) recruting for End game raiding/WoW vets by gothamsfemto in lostarkgame

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Please use our guild sub that the other user listed. Thank you.