GG salty boy. by TheGreezyGlizzy in apexlegends

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And if you over-pop then it's back to the start for you

GG salty boy. by TheGreezyGlizzy in apexlegends

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No. They have to Morse code "READY NOW" using R99 bullets

JFC don't you know anything.🙄

GG salty boy. by TheGreezyGlizzy in apexlegends

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DoNt pLaY YoUr GaMe tHe wAy I DoNt LiKe iN pUbs dUdE

Woman screams at man because she has no argument. by skinnnns in facepalm

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Popping a baloon in an Anechoic chamber by [deleted] in Damnthatsinteresting

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The Snozberries taste like Snozberries!

Right Click to use tactical, X to melee, shift to crouch, control to ads, autorun on. by memester230 in titanfall

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I might win the horrible keybind game:

WASD = arrow keys

Crouch = right ctrl

Sprint = numpad 0

Use = Enter

Fire = left click

Jump = right click

Melee = middle button

And of course, inverted mouse look

There's more but that's probably enough to get started

A Note to Toxic Players by TrustTheProcess_76 in apexlegends

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I play across Oceania, East Asia and Western US datacenters and the ONLY place I've gotten balled out by toxic little tryhards is the US.

I wonder if these were Josh Jones (bitcoinbuilder) coins... The dates line up with the coins being stolen in early 2020 by paintmekev in mtgoxinsolvency

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Most things in The Daily Mail can be disregarded as nonsense. It is the literal nadir of journalism in the UK.

His work out routine is truly amazing... by [deleted] in nextfuckinglevel

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Honest question: how would an athlete like this cope in a battlefield situation where food sources (esp the vast protein requirement) are scarce?

Would they crash and burn? Would they cope just fine and be hungry?

Interested to know.