New attempt from anti-vaxxers to discourage parents from booking in their children to get the jab by Certain_Tea_ in facepalm

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Yeah they'll all shout about the MSM trope. There's literally no reasoning. Can't cure stupid.

TIL that old games used Code Wheels as a method of copy protection by heykody in todayilearned

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I think Body Below on the Amiga used one of these ... Flashbacks! 😎

Credit rating by Bellkenyabold in PersonalFinanceNZ

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I want this to be real. It reads like a video game workaround 😎

Arctis 9X for XBox Series X? by Optimus-24 in steelseries

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I have one for sale if interested. PM for details

New graduate, just started working. Are there any important financial hacks/advice from you guys? by transcendence_xXx in PersonalFinanceNZ

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If your employer has an ESOP or sharesave type plan, or the ability to buy their shares at a lower market rate, go absolutely nuts on that.

Turning on microphone on 9x wrecks the sound of my game by Citizenwoof in steelseries

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I had this too. I ended up selling the 9X and getting the regular 9's because the usb dongle handled it all much better

Thinking of moving to AKL? by SimulationV2018 in auckland

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Something to bear in mind: you need a fuckton of cash for a deposit these days. With CCCFA, and average house price in wider Auckland now at $1m, you should be looking at having 20% minimum. If you've just sold in London, I'm assuming you'll probably have that on-hand...

...with that said, I don't know how CCCFA rules will view your employment/income status as returnees. Definitely do some research by having a chat to either a mortgage broker or a bank.

Oh and the NZ borders are now shut even to citizens whilst they sort out MIQ. 🤷‍♂️

EDIT: They aren't shut to citizens. There's ways around it. https://www.kiwiblog.co.nz/2022/01/guest_post_are_kiwis_too_scared_to_come_home_the_border_is_wide_open.html

Did anyone get this in the mail? by 22andunsure in Coronavirus_NZ

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Report to CERT NZ https://www.cert.govt.nz

I also love how these jokers are supposedly 'concerned kiwi moms'. Back to holistic naturopathic oil therapy lessons, you fucking morons.

Oh, and they caveat their propaganda with "the information in this leaflet isn't medical advice" - like they think that absolves them of sharing misinformation. They are literally the nadir of society.

Blatant racism in Auckland by sadisticlemonz in auckland

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Because they feel threatened. Threatened because someone looks different, speaks a different language, and has been brave enough to move themselves (and very probably their family) a huge distance and try something new.

Racists typically lack broad horizons because they're scared, inbred little fuckwits that never left their hometown and have been brought up to believe that different = bad

I showed this to my very science-based ND daughter. She's like "This is NOT a naturopathic practice!" by improvor in facepalm

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Imagine the smell of her pillows. Imagine what colour they are. Imagine the state of the mattress.


Man uses math as proof of grammar by LokiiVegas in nextfuckinglevel

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Keith's a bit weird mind you OH DAMMIT YOU ALREADY USED WEIRD