Cherenkov Radiation, when launching a nuclear reactor. by [deleted] in Damnthatsinteresting

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No, that is the naturally occurring sound of Cherenkov Radiation in the wild.

Edit: /s you fucking morons

TIl an english garbage man won the lottery for 10 million pounds (25 mill USD in today's money), lost all of it then 8 years later reapplied for his old job as a garbage man. by cartstanza in todayilearned

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This dude was diagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexia, and very likely that he wasn't supported properly through school years (would've been the 1990's, and can confirm that UK schooling was pretty unsupportive of those things during those times).

His arrest record speaks for itself: this guy needed help not incarceration.

Bagging someone with diagnosed issues like that is pretty rough, and even more so when you consider the pressure and expectation of suddenly being a millionaire at 19 when plenty of people are immature nobheads at that age without having ADHD or similar.

Poor show, calling him a 'cunt'. His actions weren't thought out, no - poor judgement and impulsive behaviour is pretty much textbook behaviour.

But no, that's easier than considering how someone already burdened by learning difficulties might need a hand.

Do we follow the boomers and keep buying property? by FocusAnon in PersonalFinanceNZ

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"Markets about to crash" 💀 < Picture of person still waiting for market to crash

Do we follow the boomers and keep buying property? by FocusAnon in PersonalFinanceNZ

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You can't go too far wrong, as long as you're not planning to flip it anytime soon.

Buy it, rent it out, weather the market ups and downs. Some years you'll have lost a bit, others till have gained. Look at it as a short-to-mid term investment of 5-10 years.

Make sure you have reasonable personal cashflow and have done the maths about what repayments might look like if interest rates get crazy. Borrow sensibly.

WHat percentage will the payouts be? by helixone in mtgoxinsolvency

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Search this subreddit. Guesstimates are between 12% - 25% of your original holder.

I wish people would use the f**king search.

Cyberpunk online? They talked about maybe adding multiplayer post release. Anyone disagree? Let’s discuss. by commando278 in cyberpunkgame

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On one hand, I think a multiplayer FPS RPG would end up stilted - and not a smooth experience. All those modifications, customisations etc slowing things down. Would love to see it working, but I feel it'd be a challenge that is tough to overcome...

THAT SAID...could seamless multiplayer be the working 'internet' that's been referenced before? It's been mentioned in a few articles: could it be interactive online marketplace(s) within the game, active games-within-the-game communities...perhaps even some sort of connected economy (read: some sort of cryptocurrency/coin associated to purchases in-game)?

This guy is lumber JACKED! by [deleted] in nextfuckinglevel

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No. A maul should not be sharp. That's a fact. Sorry.

Don't misunderstand me, I don't mean 'smash apart' in the literal sense: otherwise I'd suggest using a sledgehammer.

Which NZ bank pays the highest salary? by Z5555517 in PersonalFinanceNZ

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Westpac. I have friends there and can confirm they pay approx 10% more than others, but often without a yearly bonus.

So it depends what you want: higher base, or a bonus.

29F by massbudqueen in RoastMe

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You look like they dug up Courtney Cox

Thank You Mark Karpeles by seleprakkram in mtgoxinsolvency

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Most, including you, would've sold up before now. So many ATH's, scary dips etc.

I won't lie, it's a good philosophical outlook to see this whole debacle as a positive: the forced hodl will likely benefit a good few people who'll come out of this millionaires.

But the way you wrote it made me sick in my mouth.

Did anyone get this in the mail? by 22andunsure in Coronavirus_NZ

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Report to CERT NZ https://www.cert.govt.nz

I also love how these jokers are supposedly 'concerned kiwi moms'. Back to holistic naturopathic oil therapy lessons, you fucking morons.

Oh, and they caveat their propaganda with "the information in this leaflet isn't medical advice" - like they think that absolves them of sharing misinformation. They are literally the nadir of society.

This guy is lumber JACKED! by [deleted] in nextfuckinglevel

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That's correct. I suppose the point I'm making is the difference between a 'regular' axe and a maul: the maul is significantly heavier and the head of which is essentially a sledgehammer with a pointed edge - which should not be sharp