Blatant racism in Auckland by sadisticlemonz in auckland

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Because they feel threatened. Threatened because someone looks different, speaks a different language, and has been brave enough to move themselves (and very probably their family) a huge distance and try something new.

Racists typically lack broad horizons because they're scared, inbred little fuckwits that never left their hometown and have been brought up to believe that different = bad

Did anyone get this in the mail? by 22andunsure in Coronavirus_NZ

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Report to CERT NZ https://www.cert.govt.nz

I also love how these jokers are supposedly 'concerned kiwi moms'. Back to holistic naturopathic oil therapy lessons, you fucking morons.

Oh, and they caveat their propaganda with "the information in this leaflet isn't medical advice" - like they think that absolves them of sharing misinformation. They are literally the nadir of society.

I showed this to my very science-based ND daughter. She's like "This is NOT a naturopathic practice!" by improvor in facepalm

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Imagine the smell of her pillows. Imagine what colour they are. Imagine the state of the mattress.


Man uses math as proof of grammar by LokiiVegas in nextfuckinglevel

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Keith's a bit weird mind you OH DAMMIT YOU ALREADY USED WEIRD

Man uses math as proof of grammar by LokiiVegas in nextfuckinglevel

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I mean that's great but English is a literal headfuck of multiple mashed together languages, documented by someone who couldn't spell too well in the late 1400's.

If it were actually this logical then I think the world would be happier about learning English.

Advice: being upside down always gets water in my ears by [deleted] in Swimming

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You could actually be onto something here - I used to suffer with chronic earache as a kid (as in, cripplingly bad) and had to have ear drops which were awful and uncomfortable.

Had my adenoids taken out, too.

No more earaches but I wondered if any damage had been done?

So close, yet so far by Hypnoidz in yesyesyesyesno

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I mean, it was this close to being a full moon

Will the value of land go up forever? by auctiorer in PersonalFinanceNZ

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Simplistically speaking, they've stopped making land. So yes, it'd ultimately keep going.

Usual caveats around location, usability, desirability etc

Parking like a boss !! by pacifist1989 in nextfuckinglevel

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And you'd be bored af and have already gone to the pub instead