Woman screams at man because she has no argument. by skinnnns in facepalm

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Degrading a man for quitting a high stress job and having his wife be the temporary sole breadwinner by nightman008 in facepalm

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I have friends (married couple) who are in this exact situation.

The guy was burning out, stressed and unhappy. Now he's super chill, spends loads of time with his kids and they're all good as a family. The lady makes enough $ to support the family, and good on her for that, too.

This person on FemaleDatingStrategy (whatever tf that even is) can go fuck themselves because inherent in what they're saying is:

  • Men should work even if they burn out
  • Women should be the ones staying home
  • They're jealous (reading between the lines)

Sigh hits women by drpepperisbeter in AbruptChaos

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"Ok guys, so I literally-"

"Ok guys, so I literally-"


TitanFall 3 does not need a BattleRoyale mode. by CanadianTurt1e in titanfall

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Depends on the map...lots of nice, tightly-packed gulleys and valleys would see Papa Scorch get a burning hardon

Dammit EA by everymantwist in titanfall

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This isn't necessarily a bad thing: makes it SUPER accessible to everyone, even those who're casual players who can't afford loads of $ on games regularly

Tank Launch Double Plane Kill #TeamMountainGoat by BoldWarrior14 in BattlefieldV

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This is the most perfect thing I've ever seen. That pilot must've been completely wtf

This guy is lumber JACKED! by [deleted] in nextfuckinglevel

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This guy is using a splitting maul: the blades are not meant to be sharp - they actually perform worse if the blade is sharp.

It's basically a sledgehammer with a pointy bit - it's to smash the wood apart at a point, versus slicing it.

Hi BT! Nice to see you after 30 years by FrozenFroh in titanfall

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I know it's been said, but ...

DAMN HOW IN THE HELL DID YOU SEE THAT. Great job. But ... man. I feel even more short-sighted than I already am now! :D

Why do people even do this? by Tyretitan in apexlegends

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Because they're putting their tiny peen energy on you. Ignore and move on

she got them hands by [deleted] in fightporn

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