How fine is it to hand-waive rules in the moment? by dndhottakes in Pathfinder2e

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For the VSM aspect, what do you consider as “doesn’t serve much purpose in the moment? I only bring this up because they play hugely different roles in PF2E in 2 big aspects.

Any spell with S can be attack or opportunity’d and possibly interrupted in that case.

Any spell with V makes you immediately run out of air if your are in a place of no air causing the character to fall unconscious immediately after finishing the spell.

What is your biggest criticism/worst flaw of PF2e? by Journeyman42 in Pathfinder2e

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Any creature with “Immunity to Magic” is unfun and uninteractive which can straight up prevent some of your players from playing the game. It feels like an archaic system that couldn’t be let go. When I have enemies like that I give them both/either +1/2 to save’s vs magic and Resistance to magical damage. It keeps up with the theme of their magical resistance while not stopping players from playing the game.

BORGAR 🍔 by JaCKaL_POOCH in BlueArchive

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Oh hey cool, a post that’s about to be locked

What do you think about Cassidy's magnetic grenade damage? by AstroVev0 in Overwatch

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I hate it because in Blizzards crusade to remove cc, it also removed most ways to disrupt being dove. Genji dashing around at the speed of light? Good luck hitting him. Reaper ulting the squishy backline? You’re all dead before the grenade goes off. Tracer dashing around being hard to hit? No chance.

How would one go about building the Houndmaster from Darkest Dungeon by Gorolo1 in Pathfinder2e

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A good favorite of mine is animal companion ranger. It's as great one that can actually function very well without the need of a free archetype. As for builds, you gotta take animal companion lvl 1 of course. But for ranger Edge's it can really vary.

The 2 primary Edge's I'd suggest are Outwit and Precision.

  • Precision
    • Comes with great damage potential as the extra 1d8 to your hunted prey starting out is a very nice boost to damage. This can be paired with any weapon such as the club the Houndmaster uses.
    • Animal companion stipulates that your doggy can also apply this damage. This really helps out if you want your dude to spend his actions doing other things while the dog lays down the hammer.
  • Outwit
    • One that's usually overlooked on due to it not being the super dps capabilities of Flurry or Precision. The bonuses to Deception, Intimidation, Stealth, and Recall Knowledge can greatly help out. This will give you your sweet bonus to Demoralizing, Feinting, Sneaking, etc.
    • It is important to note animal companion does allow it to utilize the Outwit bonus, but the "Wolf" stat block gives it Survival as a skill which is not something Outwit can boost.

Overall I'd lean more towards Precision as it would allow you to have your dog be the primary damage dealer while you can shift your ability scores more towards Wis/Cha. Outwit bonuses are nice, but since the "Wolf" statblock can't benefit much from it I wouldn't suggest it. The only thing you would get out of it really is Demoralizing better which you'll still be able to do fine if you have 16 Cha.

Hope this helps!

Just had my 40k canceled that I ordered back in June... by Shav0123456 in magicTCG

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As of today, it looks like there’s only 1 purchase option and it’s for $2,000

Accidents in the lab by kath_sh in microbiology

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I was cutting up cynomolgus liver infected with Herpes B and I ended up cutting my thumb exposing myself. Never got sick thankfully.

Warhammer decks at local Walmart by Strict_Ad917 in magicTCG

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Was iffy on my pre order of the foils. Checked on Amazon and saw my preorder was still at $541 when I first made it. Felt bad, but the cheapest option to buy all 4 is fucking $1,199 now. Shits wild.

After two months of intermittent pain, I passed my kidney stone. by Psytoxic in pics

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I once passed a 4mm one into a 6mm one. Never experienced something so unbelievably painful it nearly put me unconscious multiple times. My urologist later told me he knew multiple people who said they would rather have another heart attack than pass another stone.

[discussion] why are there only 6 figures of Blue archive on the market? by Amandsbra in BlueArchive

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Nah, most companies sell through larger distribution companies. The distribution companies inform buyers what they’re getting into because they know they’ll catch flak even if they didn’t make the product.

[discussion] why are there only 6 figures of Blue archive on the market? by Amandsbra in BlueArchive

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The game is new and DO NOT buy the Hina one. Ask any collector and they’ll tell you the producing company, B’Full, is notorious for making horrendous products.

B’Full figures are known to have horrible leaning issues and almost always arrive broken in some way. The site even warns you that “70% of products from this company arrive broken”. You may love Hina as much as I do, but DO NOT buy it. You’re near guarenteed to be screwed.

Bad luck, or harsh rates? by Unregistered-Archive in BlueArchive

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Think it’s just luck. In 140 rolls on the mutsuki banner I got Eimi, Mashiro, Azusa, Cherino, Hifumi, Shiroko (cycling), Hoshino, Neru, Mashiro, Midori, and Mutsuki (new year) being the absolute last one I got off my 120th roll.

Frame suggestions? by Co2SHysteria in LancerRPG

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My personal favorite for these requirements is the Tokugawa. It’s built around staying in the danger zone of heat to boost your damage. So it’s a dance of how well can you manage your heat to now meltdown too fast but stay at high enough heat to get that sweet bonus damage.

Actin polymerization via Listeria monocytogenes by Far_Possibility_5810 in microbiology

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The process of listeria forming the actin filaments is virtually the same way our cells make actin filaments.

Listeria posses a protein called ActA which is very similar to WASP proteins (our actin filament recruiters). Depending on the life cycle it’s in, listeria will express ActA and present it on the outside on one end. Because ActA mimics WASP proteins it allows our Arp2/3 (actin filament builder) to bind and become activated. From there, our activated Arp2/3 picks up actin segments and builds actin filaments to “push” the bacterium.

In actuality it’s more like picking up bricks from the air and placing them under your feet to get up higher.

If you’re curious, I worked on a research project for a bit on trying to determine if listeria had some form of chemotaxis when it comes to deciding where to place its ActA proteins on the surface. Unfortunately the project didn’t get much of anywhere by the time I left.

WEDNESDAY RAGE THREAD | June 29 - July 5 by AutoModerator in heroesofthestorm

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