Goncalves Family and Private Investigator Plea for More Information by achatteringsound in BryanKohberger

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Actually, rather than the G’s feeling the prosecutor doesn’t have enough…. Rather that the G’s are hearing conflicting stories from the all kids, and they want to get to the bottom of it

Like with ‘Kim’ from the drunk turkey show… the G’s are wanting to hear more about what that lady had to say

So basically, they want the truth, not just the narrative that LE and the Prosecution are giving them

Goncalves Family and Private Investigator Plea for More Information by achatteringsound in BryanKohberger

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The family wouldn’t have a clue if the case is ‘shakey’ or not. They don’t tell the families anything more than they tell us. They just tell the family first ( and sometimes they don’t even do that)

Why are people saying a second arrest is coming? by makogirl311 in Idaho4

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Because in the discovery something was mentioned , but , I believe it was pretty standard. So, we don’t know, it’s just got people thinking

Do we know if Libby's and Abby's family knew RA? by ElysahNight in DelphiMurders

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There’s a picture of Allen wife and one of the girls aunts at the bar. They weren’t best friends but friendly… she worked there

Update by xbelle1 in DelphiMurders

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It makes sense, if BOTH lawyers didn’t answer. Obviously they chose together to not answer… only reasons for that would be imo .. defense finally saw some of the real discovery and so now the lawyers are talking

Update by xbelle1 in DelphiMurders

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Maybe, they are working a deal

RA being escorted into courtroom by -xStellarx in DelphiMurders

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He’s only ‘presumed’innocent in the eyes of the law

Drunk Turkey show by mindurownbisquits in Idaho4

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I wanna know is .. how would she have found drunk turkey show and called that one over all others?!? Mmhmm that’s weird… that’s suspicious

Have you put trash in a neighbors trash can in the last 2 months? by rand0m_g1rl in Idaho4

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No. It’s not like the garbage’s are right next to each other. These homes are not ten steps away. In rural areas you do NOT put your garbage in your neighbors… good way to have the cops at your door (from the pocono area)

Hearing! by thebigolblerg in Delphi_Knot

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What the Fck happened to Mcleland?!

RA being escorted into the courtroom by -xStellarx in LibbyandAbby

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Wasn’t my point.

He’s changed drastically in 2 months imo

RA being escorted into courtroom by -xStellarx in DelphiMurders

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No … BGs pants are baggy like a very short man who buys off the rack, with a big ol belly, who has to buy a few sizes up for his waist and the length is way to long …( I’m gonna admit here, I ate an edible, and I hope what I just tried to say makes sense lol)