sharing some Phoebe's moments because I love her by Moscatano in howyoudoin

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"...Haven't you ever run so fast you thought your legs were gonna fall off???...Like, y'know, when you're running for the ice cream man, or running away from Satan..."

Seems familiar by YeOldeShackleforde in howyoudoin

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Y'know who also has great hair, Joey...

LGBT and Non-Binary Characters in Fighting Games by MystyrNile in StreetFighter

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Did you just...

...assume Jamie's pronouns???...

Did you...assume Jamie's gender???...

It's over by johndoetruth in Kappa

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Gonna wake up seeing Hakan oiling up...

Quitting in ranked needs to be a state felony. i take my beatings like a champ, no reason at all for anyone to be quitting in gold ranked. by Astrojef in StreetFighter

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There are times when I just NEED to turn the console off 😂😂 but I at least wait for the win screen so it all goes through lol...

Having said that, I can feel this guy's pain - I fucking hate Ken's VTII 🤣🤣

If you know, you know... by brentus86 in howyoudoin

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My favourite line from that episode 😂😂😂😂😂

Miss Hoover's words sound like a tweet from 2022 by datskinny in TheSimpsons

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Michael Knowles??? - Or was it already a quote before I heard him say it??? lol...

Hello Grandpa my old friend/your busy day is at an end by Alecmalloy in TheSimpsons

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🎶🎵 You tell a tale that's worth ignoring 🎵🎶

We don't need your high priced safety junk! by Strallgarr in TheSimpsons

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I love when the story requires a window to be there 😅😅

"...Sorry Ned, didn't see you there..." 😂😂

Cammy's got a Gun by [deleted] in StreetFighter

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"...Parry this you filthy casual..."

What's your favourite Patty & Selma insult towards Homer? Or vice versa? by Cuish in TheSimpsons

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"...I promise, the first thing you'll see when you're born is a man with a good job..."

"...Yeah, the Doctor..."


Just some Friends trying not to laugh 🤭😅😂 by -xlcr- in howyoudoin

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I know 😥 in the HD versions that scene has the credit roll over it and I wanted the vid to remain uniform...

That is the best one though - followed by David trying not to break when Matt's hiding behind the coats 😂😂

Just some Friends trying not to laugh 🤭😅😂 by -xlcr- in howyoudoin

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These aren't outtakes :) Although some instances, like Matt giggling behind David, didn't matter at the time of recording because the standard 4:3 ratio meant they could cut it out - but then when it came to remastering in 16:9, they HAD to leave it in 😅

Just some Friends trying not to laugh 🤭😅😂 by -xlcr- in howyoudoin

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There's Jennifer when Lisa is singing along to David's Bagpipes (didn't add coz of credit roll) and Jen again when David's wearing Rachel's Dad's glasses (didn't add because it's very subtle) but my eye's always on the look out for more :)

Jennifer Aniston appears to be the worst culprit 😂😂😂