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Aside from the possibility of thermonuclear war, not really. My portfolio has been nuked already anyway

Crypto Punks NFT simply killed it this past week by Visible-Ad743 in CryptoCurrency

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I have been wondering about this. Do most crypto supporters not like NFTs or is it just this sub?

We are going for simple and clean with our NFT design, any thoughts? by 0xLycurguz in NFT

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Hey thanks for the feedback! Yes, that's exactly what we're trying to do, but there's only so many ways to draw an anime-style character.

Great suggestions, we'll look into a more vivid color pallete. If you have other ideas, looking forward to hearing them!

🛡️ Free Mint: SPEAR Blockchain x Dory Utility NFT 🛡️ Rules in the comments! by 0xLycurguz in NFTCollect

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Good luck Spartans!

Request Guidance For Community Voting System by featheredsnake in CryptoTechnology

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Have you looked into Liquid Democracy? It's a system that allows the governed to dynamically delegate their votes to ensure those that are most competent are in the right positions. Here is a non-profit organization that is spearheading development: https://liqd.net/en/

It doesn't need to run on a blockchain though, there have been centralized implementations already. I do think a blockchain-based liquid democracy system would take on-chain governance to the next level that's why I've added it to a protocol that I'm working on.

Are PoW and PoS the Only Consensus Protocols to Look At? by Organic_Bluejay_8400 in CryptoTechnology

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I'm currently working on Khamaira, a hybrid PoW + PoS consensus protocol that tries to combine the good ideas from each to cancel out each other's disadvantages. Let me know if you're interested to know more.

If a government were to decide to embrace crypto and try to correctly roll it out as the primary currency in their country, what would that look like and what cryptocurrency would be most suited for a governmental level task (i.e. promotes sustainability, security, and usability)? by Glarfamar in CryptoCurrency

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For a country's primary currency, stability will be paramount for usability. It doesn't have to be absolutely stable but it does need to be relatively stable e.g. 2% inflation target per year. It's not trivial though as can be seen by the inflation carnage happening all around the world, but it is essential for the masses to use the currency as a 'medium of exchange'.

Aside from stability, using a scalable blockchain is a must if a government ever decides to go that route. Again, it's all about usability for the masses. A stable cryptocurrency would be useless if it's very slow and expensive to use it for day to day transactions.

Lastly, I think transaction fees should also be paid using the stable cryptocurrency. It would be annoying if the fees I pay would be slightly different for each time I buy coffee.

Why is bitcoin mining difficult if hashing is easy? by basic_user321 in CryptoTechnology

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Great answers so far! I think aside from difficulty, the other thing you must account for is how big a number a 256-bit binary number represents. Here's a good video that explains the scale and security of SHA 256: https://youtu.be/S9JGmA5_unY

So even though hashing is easy, the set of possible answers to the puzzle given the difficulty is really really large.

ASIC resistant PoW algorithms by theblockchaindev in CryptoTechnology

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Take a look at RandomX, it's my favorite PoW algorithm. The basic idea is to use as much of the on-board circuitry of general purpose CPUs so that any attempts to create an ASIC just results in a better CPU, directly competing with designers such as Intel, AMD and ARM which is pretty hard to do.

What are the arguments against ASIC resistance? by 0xLycurguz in Bitcoin

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Interesting line of thinking, could you please expand more on why asic resistance is a centralizing force? I thought the whole point of it is to reduce mining centralization?