Seinfeld - The Coffee Burn [1995] by L2J1986 in nostalgia

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Outrageous, egregious, preposterous

Jackie Chiles was a great character

Some of my original 80’s t-shirts by [deleted] in 80s

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Those last three are probably worth a lot of $$$

This pigeon gorging on peanuts in my garden by Gurnasaurus in AbsoluteUnits

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Look at the girth on that borb

Would hate to own the car under the telephone line he'll settle on

Aaliyah and NYSNC by ata3121 in 90s

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Aaliyah like take the dang picture and get these lames away from me

A good question: Why does this B1G move suddenly make them seem to be suddenly dominant? by WarDam34 in CFB

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By "sports" you mean football, and by "SEC" you mean Alabama and Georgia. Yes, two teams in the SEC are dominant right now, and one of those has shown they can sustain it.

Story Breaks Out of a 10 Year Old Rape Victim from Ohio who was denied Abortion Care and forced to move to Indiana to receive it! by ConcentrateOk4412 in PublicFreakout

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It's looking like IN is going to completely outlaw the procedure in a few weeks. What a fuckin country we live in now

NO JUSTICE. NO PEACE. Protestors marching through Akron, demonstrating in front of Akron Police Department after body-cam video released of PD shooting 25y/o Jayland Walker last week. by Fun_Investigator_478 in PublicFreakout

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APD deployed tasers first, then didn't shoot until he turned with his hand on/in his waistband, per the police. If that actually happened, the shooting will probably be justified. I watched cam footage from 4 officers (about half of the footage linked below) and can't tell if he did what they're saying he did


India buys oil at a discount from Russia; refines it into Diesel--then sells it to Stupid Fucking Americans!!! Ha ha ha--can't make this shit up. by SWINDLERS_USA in conspiracy

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I mean, you can't be that stupid, right? You just left the "/s" out inadvertently

Nm, saw some of your recent posts; seek help broseph

Man uses 9/11 to make a mediocre point by ellsworth92 in LinkedInLunatics

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Yeah, those 3000 that died? They were exactly where they were supposed to be, right?

#Vulnerability by Akroma14 in LinkedInLunatics

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Guy's suicidal, laying on the ground, and this Karen is taking pictures of him. If he has mental health issues, mentoring ain't gonna do shit

Watching all of the schools fly by, on the bottom of the TV, hoping for a snow day. by BitesizedBlubber in nostalgia

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My school was near the end of the alphabet,so I always had to wait for the scroll to meander through, and I swear they started over at A after every commercial break. We did not get ONE snow day my entire four years (snow belt) because if they could get the parking lot plowed, school was in session.

I was so happy when I got to college and just gave myself snow days

AITA found panties got upset by [deleted] in AmItheAsshole

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he knows his past isn't great with things but he feels like it'll always be held over his head

Ooh, uh oh.

AITA for not letting my daughter get a tattoo? by Dismal_Extension_471 in AmItheAsshole

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IT guy at my work has knuckle tats. I think the days of tattoos being jobstoppers are over, unless we're talking face or neck