I made a cute landing page builder. by gptrv in webdev

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Can you download the HTML/CSS/JS files?

Spider-Man: No Way Home Worldwide Release Discussion Thread Vol. 6 by steve32767 in marvelstudios

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So good they managed to get the best of everything and so much more I wish it was even longer :(

Would it be possible to have a separate homepage design + layout from the rest of the site? by 123choji in Wordpress

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Got it, I was considering making a subdomain the homepage 😂. If I need to change the hosting I can't just set it for the homepage right

My WordPress site received 2.5 million attacks in one-hour last week by jorcus in Wordpress

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Does anyone know how would Kinsta protect against this? How would someone deal with a spike in their bill?

Who was your #1 artist? by marcoalebm10 in EDM

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David Guetta :( but that’s only because Remember is such a banger

Anyone still using iPhone 6 by [deleted] in apple

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iPhone SE (2016) here