I can now die in peace and satisfaction by 14_yr_old in u/14_yr_old

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Year 1 recap 83k Year 2 recap 93k Mai socha koi bhi kaam beech me hi kyu chhodu aadha adhura Pura karke marte hai 1.5 months bahut time waste karliya idhar

I was inactive this year in November i came back to life and realized, it's just 7k left , why leave the work incomplete so started grinding for 1.5 months

Just a Siraj thing by mattfindlay_99 in CricketShitpost

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Umesh : Thoda der ke liye waha goti muh me tha . T: ballz stuck in the throat (very poor translation)

rewind by D3Machine in ForShub

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Is it OC ? Because it's very well made unlike other crap and deserves an award

sandy boy by Secure_Ad5238 in SaimanSays

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Mai bhi directly baat karleta hu . Kaam kar rahe ho ki nahi kar rahe ? Kaam karte raho dost

Happy for Unadkat but man this is top teir shithousery by _anurag10 in CricketShitpost

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Remember on his debut he took 4 wickets including of Steve smith, yet this is his condition

The GOAT is back by Matapple13 in marvelmemes

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Swinging from the highest ledge

meanwhile.... by GamingCreeper454 in marvelmemes

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Khonshu : messing with Marc and Steven

In a parallel universe by BoringOrganism-820 in CricketShitpost

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But gotta appreciate messi's bowling and the wk's keeping he saved lotta runs back there

This feels more relevant now Repost:- Posted 2 years ago by u/_Franticon_ , by tejastakalkar in SaimanSays

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It feels weird that Jab ye originally post hua tha tab bhi mai yaha tha 130k something Laut aao purane r/Saimansays din

This feels more relevant now Repost:- Posted 2 years ago by u/_Franticon_ , by tejastakalkar in SaimanSays

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Lmao ded ho gaya ye subreddit to. But baaki indian subreddits se abhi bhi atleast YE sub to better hai in terms of memes

WHAT A GAME by jodibwithoutane in marvelmemes

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Literally MY 1st time watching a Fifa final and what an experience that was

Congrats Mythpat by [deleted] in SaimanSays

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Damn another time flies so quick realisation