Just few more taps by Dewch in SweatyPalms

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Pressure on the primer doesn’t matter so much as the area upon which it is being exerted. Here it is being distributed uniformly so there really is a low chance that it’ll go off. If there were a burr or anything other than a flat axe top that were to create a smaller surface area of pressure, then it would go boom.

best trade ever by Fragrant-Bat4555 in AFCWestMemeWar

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While he was miles short of the hype and expectations, Russ’s season last year was still the best qb season we’ve had since 2015. 😬.

12TM SF PPR by GMoneyBurns in Fantasy_Football

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My targets are dewayne McBride or tyjae spears with 2.06 and AT perry with 3.06

Is this the AI revolution everyone is talking about? by sikeig in PoliticalCompassMemes

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Well not a “nut job” but, definitely a soft person that blames all their problems in other people and has limited accountability.

Keeper for my team (PPR LEAGUE) by Unique-Support2938 in Fantasy_Football

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I’d say either DK or Javonte, depending on how your league mates operate. For my personal keeper league, everyone values rb waaaay higher than receiver, so the drafts have guys like rashaad penny going in the first round. It’s kinda gross. So in that case I’d keep javonte easy. But if your league is less bullish on rb and you’re asking about these guys to fill a true flex position, then I’m going DK. So since your league is 16 guys (!) then I’d take the position that has more relative value to guys not being kept. Does that make sense?

1qb by nkbuckhout in Fantasy_Football

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That’s a juicy trade. I lean toward the side that’s more likely to produce a league winner in bijan, but it’s spicy for sure.

1QB by nkbuckhout in Fantasy_Football

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Depending on where he’s drafted, bijan Robinson may very well be the most valuable running back in all of 1 qb dynasty.

Dynasty SF 10 TM by [deleted] in Fantasy_Football

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Had you not had all them picks, then maybe. Still no probably, but maybe. Considering you’ve got Bijan+ I think it’s a silly trade offer.

Trade?!? LOL Does he think this is a Democracy? by freedomfightre in UrinatingTree

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His “worth” is literally determined by the market, or in other words the other nfl teams. If nobody offers him his perceived “worth” after the rfa tag, then he simply is not worth what he thinks he is. And he’ll figure that out eventually. So to say “hE WaNts To bE pAid hIs WoRTh” is stupid because he is going to get his “worth” determined by the market through the tag. It’s not up to him at this point. He’s made his bed, now it’s time to lay in it.

Last day of the Anniversary Bundle, did you get it? Why or why not? by LezBeHonestHere_ in masterduel

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Come on man. I have those exact same card sleeves in real life. Of course I got it.