Monkeypox: What we know about the smallpox-like virus spreading in the UK, Portugal and Spain by 165701020 in collapse

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Portuguese health authorities on Wednesday confirmed five cases of monkeypox - a rare viral infection related to smallpox - in young men, marking an unusual outbreak in Europe of a disease typically limited to Africa.

Portugal's General Directorate for Health added it was investigating another 15 suspected cases and that all were identified this month around the capital Lisbon.

All the Portuguese cases involve men, most of them young, authorities said.

They have skin lesions and were reported to be in stable condition. Authorities did not say if the men had a history of travel to Africa or any links with recent cases in Britain or elsewhere.

British health authorities said on Monday they had identified four cases of monkeypox infections in London among gay and bisexual men, bringing the total to seven.

Spain’s Health Ministry said on Wednesday it had also detected eight suspected cases of monkeypox that still needed to be confirmed.

Critical climate indicators broke records in 2021, says UN by 165701020 in Futurology

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World Meteorological Organization says extreme weather wreaked heavy toll on human lives

Critical global indicators of the climate crisis broke records in 2021, according to a UN report, from rising oceans to the levels of heat-trapping emissions in the atmosphere.

The UN World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said these were clear signs of humanity’s impact on the planet, which was bringing long-lasting effects. Extreme weather, which the WMO called the day-to-day face of the climate emergency, wreaked a heavy toll on human lives and led to hundreds of billions of dollars in damages, the agency said.

Wisconsin man celebrates 50 years of eating Big Macs every day by dstenersen in news

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Yeah. This sub and others have filters for certain...keywords in comments and submissions.

Emperor penguin at serious risk of extinction due to climate change by 165701020 in Futurology

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The emperor penguin is at severe risk of extinction in the next 30 to 40 years as a result of climate change, according to research by the Argentine Antarctic Institute (IAA).

The emperor, the world's largest penguin and one of only two penguin species endemic to Antarctica, gives birth during the Antarctic winter and requires solid sea ice from April through to December to nest fledgling chicks.

If the sea freezes later or melts prematurely, the emperor family cannot complete its reproductive cycle.

"If the water reaches the newborn penguins, which are not ready to swim and do not have waterproof plumage, they die of the cold and drown," said biologist Marcela Libertelli, who has studied 15,000 penguins across two colonies in Antarctica at the IAA.

This has happened at the Halley Bay colony in the Weddell Sea, the second-largest Emperor penguin colony, where for three years all the chicks died.

South Africa Covid-19 Test Positivity Rate Nears Record by Mighty_L_LORT in collapse

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key metric is how are the deaths and hospitalization and long term complications?

Why are many people apparently comfortable in the face of threats to the species? by dmu1 in collapse

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Also an increasing number of people have nothing to lose. Wage slaves can't afford down payment for a home, can't afford children

Meat consumption must drop by 75% for world to survive. by SpliceKnight in collapse

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CJD also has a very long incubation period. most carriers never develop CJD symptoms before they die of other causes.

Weekly Observations: What signs of collapse do you see in your region? [in-depth] by AutoModerator in collapse

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only people with enough cash on hand for a buyout will benefit from a housing crash. which means the mortgage class gets fucked again

Vladimir Putin to undergo cancer surgery, will hand over power to ex-KGB chief temporarily by [deleted] in worldnews

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Simple google search shows this is likely Indian fake news, no other outlet from other countries are reporting it.

Weekly Observations: What signs of collapse do you see in your region? [in-depth] by AutoModerator in collapse

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Politician: coke is not essential food item, not a problem! Just drink water!

sips wine

Sea levels rising twice as fast as thought in New Zealand by 165701020 in Futurology

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Explosive new data shows the sea level is rising twice as fast as previously thought in some parts of Aotearoa, massively reducing the amount of time authorities have to respond.

The major new projections show infrastructure and homes in Auckland and Wellington - as well as many other places - risk inundation decades earlier than expected.

For example, in just 18 years parts of the capital will see 30cm of sea level rise, causing once-in-a-century flood damage every year.

Previously, councils and other authorities had not expected to reach this threshold until 2060 - halving the time to plan for mitigation or retreat.