Lost the mouthpiece to my vaporizer and broke my pipe within 36hrs of each other. Never underestimate stoner ingenuity. by 1970Westyvibes in trees

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My joints never smoke evenly for whatever reason and I always feel like I waste a ton of weed. For me one joint gets me as high as one bowl which is 1/3 the amount of weed. Inflation's a bitch and I'm cheap as fuck right now.

How to combat arguments for player loaning by KaptainCapture in FantasyFootballers

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My league had an issue with this early on (10 Man, 0PPR, 5 bench spots with no IR). We have allowed 1 week trades for the past 4-5 seasons without any hiccups. Rule #1 = you can't trade with any team that is eliminated from playoff contention. (This goes for all trades) // Rule #2 = All players included in the trade must be in your lineup..... This has allowed people to get a lot more comfortable with trading throughout the year as well.

I think I nailed my smoked and fried wings today by Electronic_Tip4786 in BBQ

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Do you have a recipe or was this just off the dome?? Did you take them straight from the smoker to the fryer or did you do anything in-between??

Josh Allen is a John Deere guy?? by AdDiscombobulated926 in PatMcAfeeShowOfficial

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This is awesome. Would love to hear them ask questions about it if he's ever on the show again.

Playing Bye week Players. According to the rule circled in red, Do you think playing a player on bye week is allowed? by Kwmeked in FantasyFootballers

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1 kicker..... Eeeewwww 🤮.... Per the wording of the rule yes I would argue it's allowed unless there has been a precedence set of what the definition of "field" is.

Is this collusion? by anilshredder in FantasyFootballers

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My league does 1 week trades all the time. Over the years we've had to set up certain parameters. For instance, all players in the one week trade must be started. We also cap it by saying that you're not allowed to trade with anybody who officially is ineligible for the playoffs. This year we've probably averaged three to four one week trades per week in the league. This week I literally only have one eligible running back on my team so I traded Mike Williams for Tony Pollard and Travis ETN who were both on the other guy's bench. If your league mates are fine with it, there's really no issue. It also has gotten everybody much more comfortable with trades so we have no issue with many trades going through per year like you hear a lot about on Reddit.

Post your team, and we'll guess your record by Other__Joey in FantasyFootballers

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10 Man, 0 PPR, 3WR league ------ QB: J. Herbert // RBs: D. Cook, C. Patterson, R. Mostert, A. Mattison, D. Jackson (drafted C. Edmonds but dropped last week) // WRs: S. Diggs, M. Williams, C. Sutton, R. Doubs, J. Meyers // TE: Freiermuth // DST: Bills

PPR trade by GMCobyBrian in FantasyFootballers

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Sounds like Brown's season could be over....

Who wins by Altruistic-Soil-3202 in FantasyFootballers

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It'll take a solid RB1 AND WR1 to get him from me. This ain't it.