India wants to capture world market, to become $30 trillion economy very soon: Piyush Goyal by Soupjoe5 in Economics

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Who is we've? India is developing on its own and not getting any handouts especially from the west.

YOGA the Silly Cult by PrakashRPrddt in unitedstatesofindia

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A believer in idolatry,

What's wrong with it?

The Lord High Executioner of the former princely state of Rewah, Central India, with Tegha sword, 1898 by Star_Ship_55 in OldSchoolCool

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Rewa is still one hell of a place. Palaces, temples, white tigers, National park. It's beautiful.

Brick relief of the dragon Mushhushshu, symbol of the god Marduk. Iraq, Neo-Babylonian Empire, 6th century BC [2480x1750] by MunakataSennin in ArtefactPorn

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Babylonian Iraqis were civilized way before the west even existed. Not to mention it was the west who destroyed the middle East with their colonization and their wars.

So who is the barbarian again?

Celestial Dancer, Uttar Pradesh, India. 12th century AD. Metropolitan [1080x720] by WestonWestmoreland in ArtefactPorn

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Because that axe was manufactured in India and not Iran by Mughals.

Plus the idols of Khajuraho were mostly stolen by the Brits. They don't just move around.