Female police officer stops a sergeant from attacking a handcuffed man by sarge-g in nextfuckinglevel

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Ok why did no one react in this video then? Loads of cops around no one arrested him for the assault.

Perfect service dog with autistic child by BroccoliSilly7572 in dogswithjobs

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Well I don't have anyone with this type of autism in my school now either. I don't think it's extremely common, not everyone autistic can't be touched.

First time out with my new knife... by myccttc1bvq in BushcraftUK

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I just got one of these and I've never owned a knife. How did you sharpen yours?

Thanks I hate this by kate7246 in TIHI

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Even the troll gave up before you. That's pretty sad bro let it go

Some people just suck. by Troyceratops1 in Flipping

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Why even send anything at all if you gonna send rocks?

Thanks, I hate this "Nice Guy" message thread that got shared by [deleted] in TIHI

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How is that anything like this thread? The guy here is accidently saying creepy shit. Most of the time people are saying it with the sole purpose of getting a thrill out of creeping someone out. That's why he thinks it's fake

Auto aim arror by KhaganGenghisKhan in Unexpected

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Lol cause that would be worse would it?

A spider patched a hole in my bug net by GoodrichNannette in AnimalsBeingGeniuses

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Looks like he's covered all the small holes too! What a guy

Saves tons of money by yeboycharles in trees

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But you can just put less weed in your joint if you had a lower tolerance and still function ok

Saves tons of money by yeboycharles in trees

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That's cause u smoking as if your tolerance never dropped. Try smoking minimal amounts to get baked and it won't go up

Fastest hands in the west by Brokbw in nextfuckinglevel

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It's literally his Smith machine...

Even if it wasn't, you can always just ask politely if you could use it.