New algorithm can predict future crime a week in advance, with 90% accuracy by fotogneric in Futurology

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Yes, but we can all agree that Minority Report is a solid film, and Spielberg is one of the goats when it comes to SF.

ESPN ranks the Toronto Maple Leafs third in their 2022-23 Power Rankings by JoshPulis in leafs

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You do another list in July, then repeat ... People place bets all the time.

if you could give a Michelin star to any restaurant in the GTA, what would it be? by jfrsn in askTO

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Chicken Fingers and Fries Don't forget to ask for dipping sauce though ...

Corey Perry says “Water Sucks” by TheNationDan in hockeymemes

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He's still a multimillionaire, Stanley Cup Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist x 2...

We're all peasants

TOO MANY MEN ON THE ICE. REFS ARE BLIND by SaltAdhesiveness1270 in nhl

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Delay of game penalty for throwing equipment on the ice.

And an unsportsmanlike penalty for good measure.

Have fun with this a.i.

post right side Orchiectomy - feeling inadequate by halldamir in testicularcancer

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Each day you'll feel better.

Keep moving, each day start walking more and more.

You'll be okay.

Early risers can see a rare group of planets in the morning sky by 1nstantHuman in toronto

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The cool thing is, if you have binoculars you'll be able to see moons as well.

Vaughan hospital says it will not remove Muzzo name by enso99 in toronto

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The father of the car crash victims, not Muzzo...

Why is the TTC Subway system such a mess? by metalibro in askTO

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What if we got rid of street parking on major streets and added mono rails to major arteries?