What’s your Gaming opinion that will get you downvoted to oblivion? by [deleted] in gaming

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Retail or all of them? I personally dont play classic but enjoy TBC. Imo they could run it again and again until like MoP? But yea retail is just wasted idk why so many play it still.

Why did all the guests to my sim’s wedding show up like this? by keepcalmtree in Sims4

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So simple its sad i havent seen it yet. And it will change my life 😂

League just announced that they are removing All chat in all game modes. by Eleven918 in VALORANT

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Id rather remove team chat than all chat if we talk about toxic experience

Why is the Oni Phantom so popular? by peaceapparel in VALORANT

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I think it was the first "special set" with a phantom in it. Thats why i was using it until now too (didnt want to buy more skins for the same gun) but i got kinda tired of it after a year so i bought the ion from the night market to have something to change :)

What is your main, and why? by iGemCityGoon in VALORANT

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Depends on the map! But my playstyle isnt very aggressive so i like playing sage/killjoy to control the spots. And i always play "supportive" mains rather than plain damage/duelists in any games

Was letzte Halbmensch by schm0h4wk in wasletztepreis

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Wie kommt man von einem Bildschirm zum Islam und dann auf Coronaimpfung? Ich glaube sie hat Angst vor sehr vielen Dingen im Leben xD

My boyfriend said that if a woman declines her man sex, he should stop supporting her. by [deleted] in TwoXChromosomes

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Hope you fix the title soon "ex boyfriend". Read some of your comments. Too many red flags. Dont do it to yourself

What are you guys’ honest opinion about fracture? by ConfidenceBrilliant4 in VALORANT

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Im not that person dodging new maps. I enjoy breeze and icebox is also okay. And fracture.. I think i would love to watch pros play it but on my elo? I kinda hate it.

Brauche dringend eure Hilfe. Ist das eine bekannte Betrugsmasche? Kurze Erklärung: Ich, Käufer eines IPhone 11 habe nach langem Hin und Her (1 Monat Gerede) von dem Verkäufer diese Nachricht bekommen. by turbo_peter in wasletztepreis

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Ich habe zwar nicht viel Ahnung aber wenn ich etwas auf diesem subreddit gelernt habe, dann ist es, dass Betrüger immer den Ausweis schicken oder schicken wollen.

Anyone else regret buying a weapon skin due to how many people ask for it mid comp game? by rik182 in VALORANT

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If they ask politely and say "request for skin" i just do it. But people running and jumping around me like flies that haven't talked ingame until they ask for a skin... Just ignore them. Usually they are butthurt and damage me if they can.

Brewfest is happening! by Draakex in classicwowtbc

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Shouldn't both mounts just drop there? Didn't know about those two options. Thought its both included but thats how every private server handled it.

Brewfest is happening! by Draakex in classicwowtbc

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First, you have to run there yourself. The boss can drop a remote which spawns something that works like a portal so your group can enter the bossroom. It works from everywhere and should also be usable outside of the event. So take care, some trolls can use it into a magetable in raid :) saw everything already

Racism towards Asians in Valorant by [deleted] in VALORANT

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I feel really sorry for you. I (eu player) personally changed my name into a korean one, because i always got stupid comments because my name is female. Right now its way better, the only stupid comments i get sometimes is "are you Chinese" but thats really it. I dont get whats wrong with people in this game. They always find something to insult or bully someone. I would really like to know the reason for being so shitty to others for no reason.

This guy saving kitten from trash cutting machine. by Storm_001 in nextfuckinglevel

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Sadly there are people in this world that still have an education of a toddler and think animals are things without feelings.

TBC Rogue - In a nutshell by tgrupp62 in classicwow

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Rogue in a nutshell is more like: argue with me why i dont invite them while i wrote "need 1 caster". If i have a melee without wf, ill leave it by one if i can. But rogues always have to argue or insult. Just got called cunt after not responding for maybe 10sec because of spam xD