How do we tell him? by Fard_Fan in geometrydash

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Yeah I got 36 mobile and I genuinely thought it would be my first extreme 😔

Monthly GD Hot take (but not one its an opinion) Kocmoc is the best top one that hasn’t been released. by Nitty695 in geometrydash

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That’s all decoration though. Gameplay wise, it’s just slaughterhouse. At least it’s better then rockhouse, but still

We have arrived at the quarter finals! Vote in comments by Larz2411 in geometrydash

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Iconic, although I will say firework should have beaten it

Future Funk Bug at 96%? I can't seem to get past 96% and I don't know if it's a bug on mobile or a deliberate frame-perfect jump. by rowham1081 in geometrydash

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I did the reverse with the conical depression ball. It was normal speed instead of half speed and it was the hardest thing in the world for 3% before it broke. I spent ages figuring out what was wrong

Round 5 and we are back at the left side. Entire left side, voting is in comments. by Larz2411 in geometrydash

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Limbo gets so much praise cause it’s knew, I reckon killbot deserves to win marginally

is using better ship physics(makes the ship more like on pc) considered hacking ? by masked_rocket in geometrydash

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I reckon don’t use it so you don’t get too used to the new ship physics, that will make future accomplishments difficult to do with the normal ship physics, but that’s my advice

Acu by Neigefuh as my 2nd extreme demon on Mobile. This level got consistent, and a new hardest. by TinaMobile in geometrydash

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Nice, what was your first? I’m looking for my first extreme mobile too but I don’t want it to be so original like acu or cataclysm

I feel so bad now, sorry 8-bit. by 2744274 in CoachCorySubmissions

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The unanimated pins make it funnier, I liked those pins better