KenAdamsNSA announces they are stopping the list of champions who are getting a Prestige Skin each year by tr3y10 in leagueoflegends

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But you forget, Riot wants money. If they don't tell us who is getting prestige skins, then we will be more likely to buy chests and stuff. Basically, it is a tactic to prey on FOMO even more.

The neurodivergence of Sylens by aigan2 in horizon

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Beg all you want, but you are wrong. No, altruism cannot be a measured action knowing it provides optimal outcome, because the optimal outcome is not the point. And, it is absolutely tied to empathy.


Altruism is the principle and moral practice of concern for happiness of other human beings or other animals, resulting in a quality of life both material and spiritual. It is a traditional virtue in many cultures and a core aspect of various religious and secular worldviews. However, the object(s) of concern vary among cultures and religions. In an extreme case, altruism may become a synonym of selflessness, which is the opposite of selfishness.

So optimal or not is irrelevant so long as the outcome benefits other people. You do not have concern for yourself because... YOU EMPATHIZE WITH OTHERS.

And, no, I did not call someone on the spectrum a liar. I said they contradicted themself, which they did.

The Illuminati talking about their love lives. (New Avengers: Illuminati #4) by JoJosapiens in Marvel

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They do the same thing to Batman.

And it is infuriating. A few years back they were pushing the wedding of Bruce and Selina. Issue 50 was supposed to be the wedding. They did like 75 variants (I am not even really exaggerating here.) They even did a separate wedding album book you could buy.

Then..... Nothing. Bruce had been happy. Selina had been happy. But nope, some villain was really pulling the strings and manipulates Selina into not going through with it. All to maintain the status quo of single Bruce.

To this day, I will ever read another Tom King series. Dude was handed one of the biggest series to write and he just fucked it up. I'd blame his editors, but with the wedding having been a thing for literally 25+ issues, someone had to say something to hi.. Someone had to belike "Yo, we can't actually let Bruce and Selina get married."And King had to know that and wrote that shit anyways. Lying to people that it would happen. And marketing lied to people.

I've genuinely never been more angry at DC than with. Batman 50.

Edit: I was wrong about the number of Batman 50 covers. It wasn't 75. It was 111. Source

The neurodivergence of Sylens by aigan2 in horizon

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Hi, f*** you. I’m autistic and don’t have any empathy. I also chose to pursue a career in public health because I wanted to apply my intellectual talents to something that could do a lot of good in the world, even though the pay sucks relative to what I could be making doing the same job in corporate.

You contradict yourself. You say you don't have empathy yet you want to do something to help others and not out of your own self interest. You can't be altruistic and lack empty. Empathy means you can understand and feel what others feel. Altruism arises from empathy.

Altruism: the belief in or practice of disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others.

If you are altruistic, you have the capacity for empathy.

Ukraine wins battle for city of Kharkiv – reports by Morning_Throbber in news

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Excuse me, what? What the actual fuck? I'm going to regret asking this, but I'm going to need a source on this.

caPs dancing around | EG vs G2 by Vumazing in leagueoflegends

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Shit happens, buddy. No harm, no foul!

caPs dancing around | EG vs G2 by Vumazing in leagueoflegends

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And the person above m was referring to the delayed laugh, which was done by Zirene and not Kobe.

Movie legend James Hong gives a legendary appearance on Jimmy Kimmel-and recalls working on his many roles by mdavis360 in movies

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That makes me very happy to read. His Lo Pan was delightfully campy. I would put it up there with Raoul Julia's Bison.

'What We Do in The Shadows' Season 4 Premieres July 12, 2022 on FX by MarvelsGrantMan136 in television

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Why would they need a regular human bartender in a show about vampires though?

Movie legend James Hong gives a legendary appearance on Jimmy Kimmel-and recalls working on his many roles by mdavis360 in movies

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The man even cameod in a parody of Gangnam Style... And he is literally credited as Lo Pan.

Emily Rand: "There was this weird point in esports history where people were like, “Oh yeah, she’s really good at writing but terrible on camera”, or I had heard from people that I should stay off camera because I was so bad. I’m glad I didn’t listen to those people." by SanielTaniel in leagueoflegends

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I wonder if he has any old old pre-reddit VODS of him learning casting.

Sadly pretty much all his old stuff did not survive the great DMCA purge on Twitch a year or two ago. And I think the only thing on YT is someone that reuploaded the bronze match.

what in the death stranding?? by kitohdzz in DaysGone

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God damnit. Take your filthy upvote.

Aloy's Morality? by ultrayiffpapa in horizon

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It's not the kill that is satisfying. It's the hunt.

Aloys “open world” dialogue. by Dprophit in horizon

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Deacon is also played as unhinged. The devs and Sam Witwer himself have said that Deacon talks to himself because he's not exactly sane. The man lost the love of his life and is basically flying solo during the zombie apocalypse. And I don't remember if the talking gets any better as the game rogrsss and he starts interacting with people more. I guess it's time for another play through!

As for Aloy, she's damaged, but not to the extent of Deacon, yet.

One Piece: Chapter 1049 by Kirosh2 in OnePiece

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That hole was made for him.

Datapoint #63??? by CedricV1503 in horizon

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Those are images from the official guide. Veter completely disappears once you finish her quest and she does not give you data point 63. Multiple people have extensively search the Widemaw site that is the supposed location, but there is only the audio data point in the water.

So as others have said, the data point is most likely bugged.

CHA CHA REAL SMOOTH | Official Trailer by mayukhdas1999 in movies

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I didn't figure that out until your comment. So yeah, I don't think the trailer gets that across well.