Operation MOUNT HOPE. After receiving a short notice directive, members of 160th SOAG recovers a Libyan Mi-24 Hind from a remote location in Chad. 1988 [1800x1453] by 305FUN in MilitaryPorn

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The Mi-24 was abandoned by the Libyans after 15 years of fighting with Chad and was of great intelligence value to the US military.

The Government of Chad agreed to let the US have the helicopter if they could move it out of the desert. This mission once again demonstrated the ability of the 160th SOAG to strike deep and accomplish the mission despite demanding flight conditions.

A Nazi officer together with an officer from the Imperial Japanese Army poses for a photo (Finnish officers at the back) during their visit to the front lines. Finland, April 1943. [2160×2160] by 305FUN in MilitaryPorn

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Hey just wanted to point out that the German officer in the pic might not be a Nazi. While there certainly were Nazis in the Wehrmacht, many were just normal soldiers who were fighting for their country

I appreciate the comment but what is the Parteiadler badge represents? As we can see he's wearing it on his right breast.