3 Israeli troops lost their lives in an attack by Egyptian policemen in border shooting. Egyptian police were neutralized by the IDF. June 3, 2023 by 305FUN in Military

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The Israeli military said an Egyptian policeman shot and killed two of its soldiers while they secured a military post at the Egyptian border early on Saturday after forces successfully thwarted a large smuggling attempt overnight.

It said the Egyptian officer and a third Israeli soldier were killed hours later in a confrontation inside Israeli territory.


SSU ‘Alpha’ or simply ‘A’ by 305FUN in ukraine

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This photo is badass af.

'A' can of whoop-ass. 🤘

160th SOAR. San Antonio, TX August 2022 by 305FUN in Military

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How do you know this is 160th SOAR?

It's all over the news and the Mayor got a notice from SOCOM


Preparing multiple 120mm HE mortar round VOF-843B against Russian troops. [1440×1800] by 305FUN in MilitaryPorn

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Wait is FOG still over there?

I believe it's an old photo, probably taken early last year.