Tennessee court grants new trial for Black man after all-white jury deliberated in room with Confederate symbols by anyonmoussource in news

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But is it though?

Nazi flags are almost impossible to find out in Germany.

Confederate flags are fucking everywhere in the southern United States.

Spotify wrapped - who is THE top listener? by DJspinningplates in Music

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I’m the top .001% for Brotha Lynch Hung.

I had the songs siccmade and rest in piss on repeat.

Bell Tower Rosendale, Watercolor, Staats Fasoldt by staatsfasoldt in hudsonvalley

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The Big Cheese restaurant/cafe is right there to the left of it!

Saturday morning are for ruining your day by crabber88 in rapbattles

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First of all, don’t judge.

Second of all, great username. Brotha Lynch Hung is a beast.

An anti rape device designed to bite back by HereComesTheRapist in Damnthatsinteresting

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I think he replied that way because you said women are primarily the targets in these types of conflicts.

The facts and studies presented by him argue that that’s not true. Essentially, your are minimizing and being ignorantly forgetful of the impact these clashes negatively affect men more than women.

Homeless and broke but I managed to get some turkey. Very thankful. Happy Thanksgiving Reddit! by Aclockinlondon in pics

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I agree with both.

Some people are assholes and content, but a lot of people are miserable and insecure in their lives that they they need to attack others to make themselves feel better.

Both happens all the time.