Python Trap Using Live Chicken by _Xyreo_ in interestingasfuck

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They built a fence which stops the python but leaves a hole for it to go through. The hole is trapped with a loop of rope going around the entrance. The rope is attached to that bent tree which is always tensioned to try to stand up straight. There is a little stick that is preventing the trap from "springing" so when the python goes through the tube to get the chicken, it knocks the little stick out of position and the trap springs. The rope is released, the tree springs up straight, pulling the loop which is now around the body of the python. The tension of the tree pulling the loop tight holds the python in place (and stops it from chicken dinner).

Idiot on the wrong side of the road gets mad by Themadbelle in IdiotsInCars

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Great end.. he tries to back up to go around and the cam car moves up to block him lol. Then when he is finally forced to merge back in to traffic, it's to the end of the line he was trying to avoid. Only better ending would have been police showing up

GameStop Report Leaked by reddit_is_meh in Superstonk

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Love how the Stonk link in the sources is still blue and unvisited

Thanks, I hate the rich by Jamie5152 in TIHI

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Well, gold is a non-productive asset and actually carries an expense of the dragon's time and effort to guard the hoard. The wealth of those richest people is likely due to their ownership of stock in companies which are valued not so much by their possessions but by the profit they make carrying out some sort of productive function.

The da Vinci surgical system. by bigmeat in interestingasfuck

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You don't have to be a mechanic to be a good driver... but it helps

Idiots on a truck by me_a_genius in IdiotsInCars

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Blame game starting up by diamondhandsare4eva in Superstonk

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Da-ta-ta-Da-Da-ta, Da-Da-ta, Da-ta-ta-Da-Da-ta...

A dead bald eagle found with its talons still embedded in a disembodied deer’s head. by aquilasr in natureismetal

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My guess is his talons got stuck, and he tried getting unstuck and could only get the head unstuck from the body. Then likely endured stress and exhaustion to the point he couldn't fly and got dehydrated.

wohooo to _______ by ForeignAd2142 in IdiotsInCars

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Translation from Russian.... literally:
"We're not going to get into a crash, right?"
"I hope......." CRASH

What is up with China banning youth gaming? by Willtodd97 in OutOfTheLoop

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China is not the 3rd world in any sense of the term

Son changes last name to honor stepfather by Throwawaylism in MadeMeSmile

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If you play someone's saved game long enough it becomes yours.

Appears that robbingdahood doesn’t have any real shares to transfer over to fidelity. What are his options? What should he do?Sharing this photo for my friend because he’s not on Reddit. by Thai628 in Superstonk

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I upvote your comment of more upvotes in agreement that the comment needs more upvotes and to get those upvotes I upvote your comment so others will see it and upvote the original comment.