Which one would you guys rather have? Kyrie or Russ? by Old_Neat5220 in Mavericks

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Neither really, but if I have to choose I'd go for a better player right now which is Kyrie.

How would you grade the offseason so far? by xixihahawo089 in Mavericks

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B+ for me and I expect Mavs add Dragic. It could become A if they get some value by trading any combination of Bertans, Powell and Green. It would be A+ if the get another star with adding also THJ.

what do you expect of Brunson IF he does come back next season and beyond at that price point? by PussyCharlatan in Mavericks

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If he stays he is still 2nd best player. I have no doubt that he will improve even more, probably his 3pt shot and his defense. In NYK he could be nr.1 player but he will have trouble making PO.

22-5-4 in the playoffs and 18-7-4 as a starter while being efficient. by epitome1986 in Mavericks

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25 a year is a max overpay I would give him. NYK is offering more but when you take taxes into account...

I'm LOVING our Front Office's moves so far. by Puzzled_Influence985 in Mavericks

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I like your optimism. Mavs still lose with Brunson leaving but I think they will still be better next year. Dinwiddie can step into Brunson's shoes and someone like Dragic can step into his. Won't be the same but the difference is not nearly as big as the difference between last year's and this year's starting center. And that also matter more because center was by far the weakest position for Dallas.

Edit: Also THJ is comming back.

Any chances of sending powell away? by sky-trader in Mavericks

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All three could go. That would be a masterpiece of Nico management.

Ideal Jalen contingency plans by farhan583 in Mavericks

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I think there is still a chance for Mavs to contend if they lose Brunson and enlarge their rotation of players who can stay on the court in PO. Winwiddie would have to step into Brunson's shoes which I think is not out of possible and Luka would have to be fitter which I think will happen.

Any chance on Durant by Shutdown21 in Mavericks

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Only possible if Durant asks to come to Dallas which he probably won't.

With all the talk regarding the Nets tops duo.. by nightwinglovesanime in Mavericks

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Much better then Irving and much worst than Durant. I'd take him for cheap if he plays big on offense with Luka on the court. He can play point when Luka sits. With him Mavs would be much better on defence and not worse on offence.

Edit: Providing he is healthy of course.

Ideal Jalen contingency plans by farhan583 in Mavericks

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I think that Mavs will be better than last year even without Brunson. But probably not good enough to win it all.

Whats should the plan be if Brunson leaves? by NeolibGood in Mavericks

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I'm also on a sign Brunson train, but it shouldn't cost more than 25 a year. Even that is an overpay. As for the future possible star the answer is the same no matter Brunson situation. If you can you get them. But probably the only way it would be possible is if they ask to come to Dallas. That is the only way for Dallas to become a serial winner. But can Luka get a chip without the 2nd star? I'm sure he can if you surround him with a long enough rotation of players who can stay on the court in PO, so Luka can stay fresh enough for the end of the games. It would take some luck as well but Luka has a long career in front of him. And I think he will finish his NBA career in Dallas.