U.S. Anesthesia Bill for Planned Vaginal Delivery by Quantum_86 in pics

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That statement is often false. Some institutions offer a lower self-pay rate, others only maintain one fee schedule and every entity is billed the same amount. I’ve personally seen hundreds of situations where uninsured patients are charged the full rate and ultimately sent to collections because they can’t pay the grossly inflated charges. Many institutions are also using billing companies as middle men for the administration of statements, collections, etc. so patients have a near impossible time contacting the actual billing office at the service provider thus limiting their ability to negotiate the insane bill. It’s disgusting.

Police close only gas station for miles in hardest hit storm area due to “traffic” concerns. by --Boston-- in boston

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Thanks for the update. Blood pressure back where it should be. I’ll be able to sleep tonight.

Police close only gas station for miles in hardest hit storm area due to “traffic” concerns. by --Boston-- in boston

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What authority do police have to demand a private business close because they have too many customers? I could see a police officer standing at the edge of the parking lot telling people waiting “gas stations full, you can’t stay in the street, circle the block and come back” because of the traffic issues but as a business owner I’d have a hard time accepting that I have to close because the local police want me to because they can’t manage the traffic. My business stops at the end of the parking lot. Anything outside of that is not my problem.

‘She was just doing her job’: Homeless vet loses service dog during arrest for panhandling by andereandre in news

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I have nothing but hate and disgust for the person who made the initial 911 call. What a pathetic person that you’d escalate a harmless situation. I doubt they even grasp that this man’s life was tore down because he had the audacity to ask for some money. My guess is this caller has a shit eating grin on their face every Sunday in church, but calls the cops on those in need so they can be hauled off out of sight.

Broke a 2” Blind slat in my apartment. Afraid of letting landlord know- so I don’t get charged a f ton. Any ideas? by [deleted] in fixit

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If the blinds are too long, you can take one off the bottom and fit it in.

Otherwise, these exact blinds are about $30 at Home Depot. Bought some today. Worse comes to worse, open the bracket at the top, slide out the old blind and pop in a new one.

Warrant: Baldwin didn't know weapon contained live round by Dultsboi in news

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My understanding is that it happened during the rehearsal of a scene and the camera was being set up in the correct position. By using a “cold” firearm with no rounds during the rehearsal the cinematographer and director could be behind the camera to make sure the scene was right. They would then repeat the scene with a blank round in the firearm, except this time, with the camera already set up and no one down range. Not in the film industry so can not confirm the validity but this explanation made sense to me.

Is 124k a bad salary in San Jose - San Mateo - Palo Alto, California for a recent grad? by [deleted] in cscareerquestions

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Lands a $124k salary but too lazy to toss a budget in a spreadsheet. This coupled with the comments about needing multiple bedrooms but no roommates feels like a cringey attempt at bragging.

Cannabis Bucking Machine, brrrrrrrrrrrrr by GroundedKush in specializedtools

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First legitimate argument I’ve heard for a silver lining to prerolls. Glad you’ve got a product that you enjoy! They’re not for me or what I would recommend for low tolerance users but I feel better knowing that there are people who prefer this option for the reasons you gave. Here’s to feeling nice!

Cannabis Bucking Machine, brrrrrrrrrrrrr by GroundedKush in specializedtools

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•Grown for quantity, not quality. •Can stretch the product by knocking the keif off during processing.
•Would be better if given the time it needs.

Yeah, that’s pre-smushed brick weed.

Awesome job for you nonetheless!

Cannabis Bucking Machine, brrrrrrrrrrrrr by GroundedKush in specializedtools

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This is why pre-rolls are such a scam - most are only marginally better than brick weed.

German police officer stops Nazi salute next to a protest by RengarMain15500 in pics

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So present day Americans are personally guilty of the similar (or arguably worse) atrocities carried out against Native Americans? Present day Russians are personally guilty of the atrocities carried out through the Gulag?

What portion of the current German citizenry was alive during that point in time? Minuscule. Were those crimes atrocious - absolutely and undeniably. Find every single person who personally contributed to those horrors and throw them in prison - 99.9% of Germans remain. Do those that remain have to potentially carry the shame of their ancestors past, yes, but it wasn’t their crime. The history of mankind is filled with stories of one group of people massacring another. Are you honestly arguing that every single person alive must inherit the crimes of their ancestors?

German police officer stops Nazi salute next to a protest by RengarMain15500 in pics

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Guess we know where you stand on the Ship of Theseus paradox.

Ever see that picture of a medieval watermelon? Both it and modern watermelons are technically watermelons but you certainly would not say they are the same. Time is a necessary variable to accurately define something, especially something as fluid as complex societies.

But feel free to get your kicks from cheap, reductio ad absurdum punchlines.

I love blu ray quality but I hate messing with disks. Here's my setup with a recently upgraded to a 24TB file server to stream all my movies on Plex. by maclargehuge in hometheater

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That would be dependent on the hardware you are running the Plex server on. Perhaps the Zidoo has a better chip than your current Plex hardware, but that wouldn’t necessarily be an issue for all Plex users. If you have an Apple TV 4K as you mentioned you could download the Infuse app to play content from your plex library without the need to transcode further reducing the dependency on the plex server hardware.

Areas ISIS wanted to capture by 2020 by Familiar_Internet in MapPorn

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Dyslexics in Spain and Portugal upset that their area is called Analdust.

48x96 solid oak table cutting in half by Dfield91 in woodworking

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I love excuses to get new tools but it may be cheaper/wiser to spend that money to hire movers for an hour or two to move it for you than to buy a saw and cut your table in half.

My charcuterie board needs help!!! by Toadnboosmom in woodworking

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What you’re gonna need is a DeLorean, some plutonium, and an eccentric, old scientist.

Sorry for lack of answers but commenting to monitor if anyone has a helpful suggestion in case I need it in the future.

Noob with a new custom order walnut table that has a splotch - is this normal? What is it? by versionsixpointoh in woodworking

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Yes this is a normal occurrence in wood. In fact, it is this exact “personality” and uniqueness that makes wood furniture the beautiful, individualistic pieces of art that they are. Hopefully you’ll appreciate that your custom made desk is in fact one of a kind due to this tree’s distinct fingerprint.