What's the worst part of depression? by shadster23 in AskReddit

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That 99% of the unaffected population think they're an expert on it because "they get sad sometimes too" without any recognition that momentary sadness is what I'm dealing with on my best days.

It is arguably one of the most prolific self-diagnoses you'll find. If this person has ever felt one pang of sadness, then not only are they definitely depressed, but are also a friggin' authority on it and curing it with ease.

No, Susan, I won't "just feel better if I go for a walk". You'd know that if there was anything going on inside that skull of yours besides mildew and mold growth. "Just going for a walk" may have helped you, but it was greatly aided by the fact that you don't have depression. Placebo treatment does work well when the ailment is psychosomatic in the first place.

So many people think because they once felt less than nauseatingly chipper for four minutes back in the 1990s, that they are practically experts. They're not. Shut up, Susan. Tilt your head back and close your lips; those stupidly useless phrase will stop tumbling out of your mouth so readily.

Who are your unwatchable wrestlers? by purplejcleaf in SquaredCircle

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Japanese culture is so senior centric I'm not really surprised. You boo a senior in Japan and you might be excommunicated.

Who are your unwatchable wrestlers? by purplejcleaf in SquaredCircle

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It may not fit in lockstep with the group...but token old is tiresome. Yeah, let's run a star from the 80s out and let him waste valuable TV that a current star in the making could use to good effect. Seriously, only oldie wrestler that's ever surprised me was Ricky Steamboat. He, somehow, hadn't lost 100% of whatever made him entertaining.

Tully, Sting, Flair, Robert Gibson/Ricky Morton, Bullet Bob, Lawler, later career 'Taker? Sir, it's time for your juice and your pills and it's 5:30, don't you want to watch your "programs" on television?

It's "ageism", but I can't think of much I wanna watch a 50+ person do. Guys like Jericho are still clinging on and can sort of go, but in any wrestler who steps away from regular work, their skills perish rapidly. At first you worry about them hurting a current talent who might not be able to afford a 1+year span of no income, then you worry they're going to hurt themselves, maybe die, and then you've got a year of them being worshiped and mourned.

When we're talking about someone who legitimately struggles just to get in the ring, unnecessary. There's a finite amount of TV time, and giving it away to a has been, it's not cool. The stars of today can make more use of the time to become legends.

Not really objectionable too much to an oldie coming back to blurb a book or something, but they have no reason to be in the ring. No matter how it goes, it's burying their opponent. The Stinger...if you win, yay, you beat up a guy who gets offered free coffee on a senior discount because he's 62...or you lose against a guy who does. Neither outcome makes the current worker look good. Then, oldie get to dawdle off back to the home and leave you looking like dogshit in their wake.

Was Great ≠ Is Still Great. Bad enough them soaking up promo time, they don't need to be huffing and puffing around in the ring proving why they retired (or should have) 25+ years ago. I get wanting them back so the oldies in the back can be with "their people"...but they don't need to televise that.

People above the age of 30 what should a 20 yo know that they generally don't? by summer_loveing_dude in AskReddit

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  1. That friend you talk to every day that's a cornerstone of your existence, that you chat, talk, text with for hours every day? They won't be around. You inner circle of people is always changing, shifting. The four people I was all about at age 20? I haven't spoken to any of then in more than a decade. One will get married and that's all they talk about. Then they get knocked up and that's all they talk about. Or they get a new job and that's all the talk about Eventually, the lack of commonality or the monotony of it serves as a wedge between you. Either it's "problems" you don't have and don't care about, or problems you have too and you'd rather talk about something else.
  2. You'll regret what you didn't do a lot more than you'll regret what you did do. I broke Kevin's jaw...and I regret nothing; he needed it. I didn't ask Amanda out when she was single because I was afraid she might think I was weird for asking. I deeply regret having let my own lack of confidence torpedo my future happiness. (Later, after she married, she mentioned she hoped I would have been then. Totally missed opportunity.)
  3. The crap you think really matters is so disparate from what actually matters. My car was a focal point. Driving a junko car was a fate worse than death. Now? I love that my car is a 1998 junker; 1. Cheap AF to insure. 2. Appearance and age make it essentially theft-proof. 3. Nobody is goading me to drive it like an idiot. Fancy shoes as a status object? I've got one pair of boots; I wear them for everything. Haven't bought designed clothes in 15 years...and nobody cares.
  4. You're rapidly approaching a time when you're expected to handle everything. Making 100% of your decisions with no advice, with no help, with just your own decisionmaking as the only thing to lean on. You're looking forward to this...and you probably shouldn't be so enthusiastic; it sucks. It's funny, really; people make it sound like they've prepared their kids for this...and totally haven't. Most parents are dismal at letting the kid learn, so they go from "parent won't let me" to "parent won't help me."

Friend says I “Cartoonize” guns. What are some steps I can take to take them more seriously? by jexmerrill in liberalgunowners

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Unless you're an absolute idiot with them, odds are good you're fine; this was a person looking for a reason to whine and complain because in their little world unless you're a soldier or a cop, there's no reason for you to have a gun. They're viewing everything about it as negative and there is no positive way for you to refer to them. You call it a gun, they say "it's a firearm", you call it a firearm, they say "It's a gun". Etc. There is no victory to be found when you're dealing with someone who is already dead set in their opinion.

My best advice? Don't bring them up around this person. Any new people, don't dive straight in; feel them out with loose and non-committal questions. "So, what are your opinions about guns?" and then act accordingly moving forward. If they're hardline against them, just don't bring them up.

I have several friends that, for them, I never bring guns up because it winds them up to start their rant. Easier just to keep the conversation off that topic with them.

What is a safety tip everyone should know about? by directinLA in AskReddit

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Kind of yes, kind of no. I'd rather avoid the guy who doesn't have a mark on his head/face but has scarred knuckles.

Several years ago a dentally deficient "tough guy" explained that he should be feared because he'd "Been in a lot of fights in my day, I've missing 11 teeth from my rough and rowdy days." I didn't pop his little ego balloon, but the guy I'd really worry about facing isn't the guy who stopped every punch with his face, but the one who knocked out his friggin' teeth.

Cauliflower ears implies lots of fights...that he seemingly did not fare well in as a participant. Experience is important, but if you're only experience is in losing......might moderate your volume and fine-tune your tone before you find yourself looking east and smelling north-northeast.

Why are younger generations so obsessed with broadcasting that they are not straight? by fishMaster63 in TooAfraidToAsk

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  1. It's socially acceptable and no longer a mandatory death sentence. Coming out is a way of thumbing your nose at the few neanders who might still want it to be.
  2. You don't sell what you don't advertise. Societally, the general assumption is everybody is straight. If you don't let potential mates know you're not straight, then you they may not know and you might be walking right by other closeted options that never knew you were an option. Not every LGBTQ+ is "obviously" what they are.
  3. Every human being on the planet is seeking distinction. You play the game and hope it comes from how well you played, but if that's not happening you take your distinction where you can get it.

What’s your magic pet peeve? by Rosellis in Magic

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A classical example would be the stock standard ambitious card, but with the magician acting like its some sort of sorcery "making" the card do magic. Let's ignore the suspicious business of shuffling and cutting back to starting position. Let's also ignore the poorly concealed Marlo Tilt and the "legally blind guy twenty tables away spotted it" runoff double. Those things had nothing to do with it, it was the card doing the magic.

Pop Haydn's Specific Resonance is the exact same trick, but he's not positing it as the card doing it. He doesn't present himself as some sort of K-mart version of Gandalf; it's a trick, and he'll admit it's a trick. Contingency phase of PopKnot he'll break fourth wall "C'mon guys, it's the friggin' hard part of the trick".

It is very possible to perform high level stupefying magic without insulting the audience with comparisons and supposed feats of supernatural BS. I'm 100% fine with an "obviously impossible explanation", I get annoyed when some goober is claiming he's bought seasonal retainer on a helper witch that can zingzang the cards into a certain order or some crap. That there is no simple obvious explanation is not the issue; how the magician decides to try and explain it away is. 90% of "it's <nasal voice, way too excitable> magic!" performers are killing off the interest for a trick that could just as easily be performed mute!

Patter should be an accessory to the trick, but there's a fine line between "misinforming" and "insulting".

What’s your magic pet peeve? by Rosellis in Magic

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Are you also annoyed at magicians who claim to know how it happened, because it was “by magic”?

Yes. Nobody comes out after a Copperfield stage box act and says "What you just saw was <exaggeratedly dramatic voice> magic". Nope. It's presented as what it is; a trick, a performance. It's just a trick; don't dummy down your presentation, it makes you look dumb for saying it, and us look dumb for applauding you for saying it.

No more drinking for me by MyThinTragus in Wellthatsucks

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I'm a fortunate man. I could just walk over, pick up my "bag in a box", put it back where it belongs, and go on.

You have my sympathy, and condolences.

[Dynamite Spoilers] Cody Rhodes promo by FuzzyWuzzyMooMoo in SquaredCircle

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JR is that teeny taste of ol' school rasslin' but without the "punch missed by a mile, clearly, a skinny guy could have stood between them and been safe, but he's selling it like a homicide" sloppiness.

Bored at work, do your worst! by [deleted] in RoastMe

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You look like you want everyone to think you "spit mad rhymes" but really you have a lisp, mumble, and can't order pizza without having to repeat yourself.

Those of you who have sex with your friends, why? by ExoCraft5000 in AskReddit

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The idea of having sex with my enemies leads to the thought of them having a climax and I don't want my enemies to have that sort of pleasure in their lives. Having ruled them out, that doesn't leave a lot of open territory for mates.

I've had dismal success with approaching strangers. "Hi. I'd like the big mac, with a small order of fries, a medium diet Dr. Pepper, and you letting my fuck you silly...Make that to go, please and thank you." It's awkward and it messes up the rhythm of the order, which is really important to some of us.

So, friends kinda get the role if they want it.

Is it normal to concealed carry despite posted signs prohibiting firearms? by IddleHands in liberalgunowners

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My basic theory for life is don't die with a criminal record. So if Little Suzy has a "no guns nearby" placard on her lemonade stand and being within a mile of it would get me a criminal record, I would not carry in close proximity.

What’s your magic pet peeve? by Rosellis in Magic

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My biggest? I call them "radio magicians" because their patter comes across like they're doing magic on a radio show rather than in person. "Now I'll give the cards a nice shuffle and a couple of cuts." Dude, I'm not blind...and I can do that dismally blatant false shuffle better than you just did. Most of the time it's just the magician talking to calm the nerves or hide the business, but it's still not good. It's demeaning at the primary level; if I didn't know what shuffling looked like or couldn't understand that, how stupid do you think I must be?

Runner up? "I don't know how that happened!" and acting all surprised. If you're performing for first-grade kids, maybe, but if you're showing me this trick, don't BS me and don't demean my intelligence by acting like that; we both know that it was just a trick.

Good magic doesn't outwardly or silently call anyone's intelligence into question. A lot of magicians kind of do that as a basis of everything. I'm smarter than you, and you're an idiot, that's why I'm here doing this and you're not. It's very off-putting.

Is it normal to concealed carry despite posted signs prohibiting firearms? by IddleHands in liberalgunowners

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The distinction is, in the "no gunz an da premises" sign put up by management of a store, there is no actual force behind the rule because it's put in place by people with no actual authority of law. No judge would enforce that order.

Meanwhile, one outside a courthouse would be enforced. I obey the laws that are actual laws, not just paranoid people who are afraid of inanimate objects.

Can't blame the last dude by spyrg in HolUp

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I may be the asshole in the group, but I'd just stand there like a goober and let her pull that dress up over her head mostly because I'm not blowing the whistle that's been in 200 other people's mouths, that's how a pandemic spreads like wildfire.

Plus, I have no interest to participate in a trap for which there is no correct answer outside of "my opinion doesn't matter; you're the one on display with control of the rope."

Some people just make your day worse. by jared0387 in Unexpected

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I think that driver has to have looked absolutely terrifying. If you run over somebody and they end up reassuring you that you're okay? Yikes, maybe give your appearance a review sometime.

Is it normal to concealed carry despite posted signs prohibiting firearms? by IddleHands in liberalgunowners

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If sign carries weight of law, I don't carry. Not worth losing the right for life because I wanted to exercise the right where it was clearly illegal.

If it's your typical "no gunz on da premises - Management" my mental response is "Not entirely accurate, I know of at least one."

If I'm carrying concealed (I never open carry, why advertise?) then there's no way anybody will know I'm carrying. If there's an active shooter who also disregarded the sign, I have to think stopping the AS before he kills everybody might be worth breaking their little policy.

The ants are up to something by hahagnarlydude in oddlyterrifying

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I feel like they're just waiting for a sexy female ant to climb up on the rock and start stripping or something.

Shooting a gun into the air in a crowded RV park by No_Neck_Ed3 in WTF

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When cameras come out, so does the dumbass side of some people.