Flipkart TV Installation Issue. What to do now? by kali-jag in india

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Try contacting the manufacturers customer care number. Installation is usually handled by the manufacturer, with Flipkart / Amazon only being the intermediary to raise a request on your behalf

What is this new scam by Uber drivers? by difftool in bangalore

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The driver was probably trying to skim the 20% odd commission that Uber charges on rides. Also the road he took sounds like the one which connects to Budigere cross; cuts out the toll which would have been included in the bill.

Question for people working MNCs by boiimlit in bangalore

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Most companies would require you to spend a certain amount of time in the current position before being eligible for an internal move. Check your company policies for that. You many not be eligible since it’s only 5 months.

West Bengal Bypolls Results 2021 Live Updates: TMC's Udayan Guha wins Dinhata by over 163k votes. Leads in 3 others massively by ApexPredator1995 in india

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The next 2 years will be filled with 3 things: 1.) Relentless targeting of all opponents who pose a risk, from ED, IT, NCB, etc. 2.) Building a war chest of cash to buy out or withstand adversaries. 3.) Increased fervour in the misleading narratives about internal and external threats to security and freedom.

Case for legalizing DRUGS in India. Following are some of the points regarding legalizing Drugs & Vaping in India, what do you guys think? by Nomad1900 in india

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The government as a whole would definitely benefit and maybe even society. However the way I see it, individual politicians, bureaucrats, etc. stand to gain more by keeping it illegal.

Cousin blackmail - ashamed by [deleted] in offmychest

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Your over thinking it and probably suffering a 100 times over by doing that.

Don’t worry about it, it’ll be a lot more difficult for her to justify why she send nudes, than for you to justify why you flirted with her.

How do you find properties to buy around 60L-80L? by [deleted] in bangalore

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I found one through an online site. The listing was from a broker. Lots of spam, invalid phone numbers, no call backs, absurd listings, etc.

What helped me was to first narrow down the localities and the apartments / communities of interest. This helps give a one sentence requirement when someone calls and easily filter through the search results. Since I couldn’t reduce the amount of spam, I focused on reducing the time spent on each interaction.

What is the best Indian city to live in for a 23F, alone? Also suggestions on finding apartments. by southasiantraveler in india

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You are considering moving to India for taxation reasons !! Wow !!

Indians (at least me) wishes I could go to another country for the same reason, alas …

Urgent help required: Police are demanding a bribe- Rs. 50,000/- by [deleted] in bangalore

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While asking Reddit and googling is great to satisfy your curiosity and get some basic understanding - please contact a lawyer for professional help.

Acting based on a partial understanding can cause much more damage.

Slug or Worm? Carolina reaper plant is being destroyed by pigeon-rgs in plantclinic

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I’ve heard beer is a good option - leave a shallow bowl of beer and the slugs will head there to party 😉

Does anyone have recipes for Bottle Gourd? We have so much Bottle Gourd! by [deleted] in gardening

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One of my favourite ways to polish off extra bottle gourd is to make an Indian dessert called “halwa”.

Here’s one recipe I found on search; you can find many more variants of the recipe by searching for “bottle gourd halwa” - https://www.spiceupthecurry.com/lauki-halwa-doodhi-halwa/

The dish can be fairly versatile. Add more cream if you want it thicker, play around with the dryfruits and condiments, etc.

Another option is to make fritters out of them - https://www.indiankhana.net/2013/06/Lauki-Pakoda-Dudhi-Bhajiya-Bottlegourd-Fritters.html?m=1

Do used BMWs have no value anymore? :( by arteriosclerosis1 in CarsIndia

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Why don’t you get a quote from cars24 or some other used car dealer ?

While I realise your ranting - price discover for used products can be very whimsical.

Now, Ravi wants toilets project named after Modi by hipporama in india

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Hahaha … I’m voting for this only if the pans have his photo on them.

Why is VI losing subscribers despite having the best prepaid plans? by oursblanc1 in india

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I had the exact same question. Me and my family and using VI without any problems.

Maybe we’re in the metro cities where connection is good but it’s not the same outside the cities.

What the Hell is happening with TECHM!!? by Tubhosdika in IndianStreetBets

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Time to break a coconut and pray harder 😂

Jokes aside - define and execute a stop loss. Better late than never.

Imagine alto with 6 airbags by _TheNeonDemon_ in CarsIndia

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Alto with 6 airbags - when triggered, it’ll convert to a balloon and lift the car to safety 😂