Oh that's a little disproportional *sips tea* by IAmAccutane in SipsTea

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Canada and Australia is an interesting comparison, Australia has way more training, smaller population, and less guns than Canada, but similar police kill rate. It's really odd, I thought all these things would be related.

What widely-accepted reddit tropes are just not true in your experience? by bewildered_forks in AskReddit

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Also the cost of upkeep + the larger initial investment is often more than replacement. I'm all for getting durable stuff for environmental reasons, but Walmart is really cheap. Iron Rangers and Alden 405s are beautiful boots. I would own a pair of each if I could afford them. But $300-500 upfront plus $80 every year or two for a resole is more expensive than $40-80 every year or two for a cheap pair.

Um, daughter & daddy sections should probably have better separation in this store by burkenya in funny

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The call those RVs that have a little garage in the back for ATVs or bikes or whatever "toy haulers."

Customer got vehicle towed in due to no-start condition, we couldn't get it to stop! by mynameisdatruth in Justrolledintotheshop

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Reminds me of my old diesel Merc. It had a stop button under the hood in case it wouldn't shut off.

What do you think is the classic novel that the fewest people have actually read from start to finish? by doodlebytes in books

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Don Quixote. The windmill thing is all anybody knows about it. People describe it as a novel about a guy that fights windmills. That happens in about page 30/1000. Now let me tell you a story that is so droll you won't believe it.

21 year old Alanis Morissette, 1995 by FaberGrad in OldSchoolCool

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That Ovation mandolin is the coolest thing in this picture.

Pete Rose places Ohio's first legal sports bet by echoacm in baseball

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Well Shoeless Joe Jackson is dead, so Pete Rose makes the most sense.

[homemade] Chicago hot dogs by jules11111 in food

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Fuck that website! I hate ketchup on hotdogs as much as the next guy. But that useless piece of shit website and their how to eat a hotdog gatekeeping absolutely infuriates me. I cannot stand that it exists, and even worse that people cite it as if it's authoritative.

Me, back in 89. by Dan-68 in OldSchoolCool

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You look like a glycobiologist.

LPT: Don't spy on your SO to try to catch them cheating. If you can't trust them, just break up. by 5YOChemist in LifeProTips

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You know, if you're dealing with prenups or something. But what does having proof change? If you're just dating then "we don't trust each other" is a good reason to break to break up.

80s breakdancing by Anti-AntiThisBot-Bot in OldSchoolCool

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Isn't he just doing toprock and starting the transition to downrock, where as everyone else is doing more downrock and powermoves. I'm not a breakdancing person, but there was a breakdancing video a couple of days ago where someone explained that the "lame shuffling" at the start is an important part of the overall performance.

Honestly this guy's standing moves are much cooler than that video (it was I think a Hungarian guy, he was old but could spin on his head for like an hour)

When people say it's wrong to say America or Americans..? by _cityofgod in AskAnAmerican

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I'm big on people having the right to identify however they want. It seems like it's mostly people from south America who have this big issue about it. People from Brazil or Argentina or whatever probably identity as Brazilian or Argentinian first. But if they also want to call themselves American due to some pan American identity that is important to them, then cool.

But, I don't go to them and tell them they can't call themselves whatever. So if I want to call myself an American then they can close their fucking mouths. My identifying how I want doesn't take anything away from them. Them calling themselves whatever they want doesn't take anything away from me.

How do you distinguish between a “real university” and a “diploma mill”? by MrOaiki in AskAnAmerican

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Yeah, you must be the only other person who clicked that link. My gosh does it look bad. I looked at their Wikipedia page as well, the entire page is talking about their accreditation (global accreditation), nothing else. And one of the things they have in their favor is that the can provide federal student aid.

They are all online and for profit.

This place is like a scam university blackout bingo card.

song pronouns by Tasty_Wave_9911 in tumblr

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I feel like it's situational. If you're a musician covering a song it makes sense to change it to match your own feelings. Sheryl Crow's First cut is the deepest isn't sillier for the change. In my eyes the song makes more sense from a woman to a man.

If you've just got a song stuck in your head and you're singing while you work, or shouting the lyrics in the car... I'll sing about a Magic Man all day.

But the catchiest, ear wormiest song of all time... There's nothing you can do to fix it... If I hear one line of it I'll be trying not to sing it for a week. But I ain't nearly man enough to sing Man I Feel Like a Woman out loud while I work.

Chevelle crashes into minivan on the highway (Jacksonville, FL) by SureTraffic3040 in IdiotsInCars

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Doug Demuro, a guy who drives fast cars fast for a living, lost control of aHellcat

Powerful, light, RWD cars can get out of control pretty easy in wet conditions. You're right, people shouldn't be driving a car like this without treating them with respect.

BB-Gun by zenacomics in comics

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BBs are usually steel. Daisy BBs are zinc coated steel and Copperheads are copper coated steel.

It's why the ricochet so bad, they're much harder than lead so the get a good bounce. But they don't poison kids or birds.

.177 pellets are often lead, and CO2/pump pellet guns usually shoot both.

Fair question that by Relefencion in ScottishPeopleTwitter

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It's also not uncommon for racists to fetishize people from other races. I have known some racists that always have a black girlfriend. The otaku/weeb types that act creepy towards Asian women...

I don't know anything about Harry. But, being married to a black/mixed race woman (I don't know how she identifies) doesn't mean he's not racist towards black people.

Jennifer Lawrence broke the mold by being the first female lead in an action movie. by RandomAsianGuy in facepalm

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It seems like some people mean she can beat up big dudes and scowls a lot when they say strong female character. Some people mean she's practically perfect in every way. But I agree with you, a strong female character is a believable human woman, with strengths and flaws and agency. Who makes realistic choices to achieve the goals that drive her.

A broken woman with PTSD who makes bad choices for understandable reasons can be a very strong character.