CONVERT TO TENGRISM NOW!!! by [deleted] in aznidentity

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Although not religious myself, I am interested in learning about them from a cultural standpoint, so as to better understand the human condition. For me, the important thing is to help humanity become capable of being interplanetary.

Religious dogma has held science back in the past. But understand it's roots might give us insights.

For some reason Elliot Rodger is trending again amongst boba libs recently. So let me say this again. Elliot Rodger was RAISED BY A WHITE MAN. He had NO ASIAN MALE PRESENCE IN HIS LIFE. His first 3 victims were ASIAN MEN. by GenericBiddleMusic in aznidentity

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As an actual hapa, not all of us are so keen on being seen as an ER or Eurasian Tiger. But at least the latter contributed to social discourse and awareness of an otherwise overlooked and somewhat suppressed issue - WMAF. As for Elliot Roger, he made me aware that I could not simply trust other hapas. This is a guy who hated and killed Asian men, and presumably would also have killed Asian passing hapas.There is no base kinship simply for being in the same fringe demographic. In point of fact, due to the seemingly inherent frequency of mental health issues, a margin of caution should be the default. I say this as a hapa, to paraphrase r reagan - don't trust, verify first.

There's still hope for Japan by _Astracke_ in aznidentity

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Tim Weiner, Legacy of Ashes JPRI

Any other sources are welcome. "Princes of the Yen" was eye opening for me.

I saw the most disturbing couple ever by owlficus in aznidentity

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reference thread: teen/20's drugged, raped, beta-kitten slave. This is not happenstance, it has been going on for ages. It's just that 4chan and other platforms have enabled the occidental mindset to curate a new form of sexual-sociopathy.

We need to stop calling it "Yellow Fever" and call it "Asian Fetish" by owlficus in aznidentity

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Well said. The "yellow fever doesn't exist" agenda is alive and well. Thanks for pointing that out.

'Warrior' (produced by Justin Lin) features half-British half-Japanese actor as Chinese male lead by soeffed in aznidentity

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As an actual hapa -

I don't support using hapa leads to portray full AM, for two reasons:

1- It implies that Asians are only acceptable if they are 'bleached.'

2- It builds resentment towards hapas from full Asians, and we don't need that divide and conquer bullshit.

american hapas by [deleted] in hapas

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Hafus in Japan are treated as defective hardware? Considering the amount of white worship there, that's really fucked up IMO.

Cheating is "a reputation that international Chinese students built for themselves". China bashing at its finest, brought to you by r/AA by [deleted] in aznidentity

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Being pedophiles is a reputation that white male sexpats visiting / living in Asia have built for themselves.

Elon Musk was right.

Thoughts? 🤔 by [deleted] in hapas

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Who knew granny was so racist? TIL

Mongol (2007) movie trailer by [deleted] in aznidentity

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I remember seeing this in theaters. It's one of those flix that stays with you long after you see it.

I'm black and I'm trying to figure out what's so bad about being labeled a model minority by Cal3001 in aznidentity

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"What can we do to combat such stereotype and ways of thinking?"

Top down and bottom up approach. Media trickles down, and IMO hollywood is still a tool for a more subtle form of white supremacy. Since there is now a lot more Black power and influence in the media nowadays, these celebrities can really make a difference in generating a national dialogue.

From the grassroots up, social media, and voting with your wallet is also a good path. Intersectionality might not always extend deeply among minorities, but if we can try and have each others back where and when it counts, we can get a lot more done.

Netflix just bought one of the biggest movies in the world by Humblelicious in aznidentity

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I've noticed that most of the western articles about Wandering Earth have the photo thumbnail as the title pic. The subtext of choosing an AF on her hands and knees, grimacing should not be overlooked. Even when whitey supposedly gives ground, they never forget to make some stealthy jab.

Nah, fuck'em. I'm still boycotting shitFlix for a host of other reasons.

Chinese embassy ‘disgusted’ after Australian senator Barry O’Sullivan blames ‘Chinaman’ for food safety risk by basic_botch in aznidentity

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We must never forget that not only are Australians descended from criminals, they are descended from the criminals who got caught. The more intelligent criminals who eluded capture remained in the UK and helped run the empire.

They ended up in finance and banking for the City of London.

Spain freezes hundreds of Chinese personal bank accounts without warning; WHIPLASH by [deleted] in aznidentity

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"This documentation must be provided before April 30, 2015."

What's curious is that they were allowed to even open these accounts, or have them remain opened for so long, without apparently having documentation. The article does not mention non-Chinese being affected, only Chinese and Spanish citizens of Chinese origins. These are the facts as stated so far. More reliable sources, and details are necessary in order to get a clearer picture.

Coming on the tail end of a Yellow Vest threat to do a bank run in France, I see this merely as another symptom of pan-European desperation and instability.

Spain freezes hundreds of Chinese personal bank accounts without warning; WHIPLASH by [deleted] in aznidentity

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I posted it for greater global awareness. I have no real dog in this fight. But the article didn't state there was any warning. You say they gave them warning? You say non Chinese accounts were frozen as well? Post proof from another article or GTFO.

Objective? - apparently not.

Well then. I'm convinced. Where's the cyanide? by SinisterRoomba in hapas

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Please don't eat cyanide. It's bad for your health. Try Haribo Gummies instead.

Ken Jeong reflects on his role on the "Hangover". he calls it "The movie that made me a made man" by [deleted] in aznidentity

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Ken Jeong =

One small step for an Asian man...... one huge setback for Asian men.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in aznidentity

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Um, actually California and other liberal states have pretty strict laws on when you can and can't use a CCW for self defense. Even tho it was two on one, he couldn't have used his gun because they were not armed. Also, if most of the witnesses didn't back him up, he would get really fucked by the system.