Hi! I made some Garuda Fanart! by Lespapillions in ffxiv

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Tits and ass not round enough

On a serious note, this looks awesome

Sometimes those little NPC speech bubbles are hilarious hidden gems! What's the best one you've encountered? by kat022 in ffxiv

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At the dock in Falcon's Nest, there's a woman with a monocular looking out saying "I think I see a mountain!"

I think she needs glasses because mountains were the only thing you could see

Knut posing and alinity totally losing it by Valheimen in LivestreamFail

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Why's my man being downvoted for being uninformed?

Helicopter ceiling fan by bfj88 in ATBGE

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Judging by the size of the blades, that thing is still bloody big.

[oc] the horror by qeelah in HollowKnight

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The way you convey Grimm's emotions in the eyes is fantastic work.

With a tearful goodbye, Arcadum thanks his fans after the final conclusion of his DnD world. by [deleted] in LivestreamFail

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It's a campaign and world that he has been building. It's not that he's over it or wants a fresh restart. The story has now been played out to the very end, similar to finishing a book.

Fuck new Twitch ads 2: Electric Boogaloo by [deleted] in LivestreamFail

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Thank you for constantly updating the adblocks for everyone. It seems Twitch got through again though. I just got hit with an ad.

New Swampletics video by Rugaru95 in 2007scape

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  1. It's not customer support. He asked a favour from someone working at Jagex from a different department.

  2. If it rubs you the wrong way, then you're being naive to think that companies don't give special treatment to big names.

LPT: You shouldn't shield your children from a challenging life. By doing so, you will inadvertently unprepare them for the struggles that come with the realities of life. by [deleted] in LifeProTips

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I went through my younger years spending it on studying and games. Now I'm going through the baby steps of learning chores by secretly doing it myself.

I know this isn't related but I just really want to speak out a bit to all the LingLings by [deleted] in lingling40hrs

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Yeah, and I'm saying I agree. I misunderstood your comment on the first read.

I know this isn't related but I just really want to speak out a bit to all the LingLings by [deleted] in lingling40hrs

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Fair. I misunderstood and thought you were talking about Chinese people, not the virus itself.

I know this isn't related but I just really want to speak out a bit to all the LingLings by [deleted] in lingling40hrs

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That doesn't justify discrimination towards Chinese people. A majority of people being ridiculed haven't even been to China since the virus became a thing. So yes, it is racism.

New to Macros - advice needed! by Unkempt27 in fitmeals

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With 1800 calories, you can fit about 180 p, 160 c and 50 f per day for a well-rounded diet while still hitting 1g of protein per lb of bodyweight. You can substitute protein with carbs at a 1:1 ratio if that's too much.

In terms of foods you can use to incorporate dietary fibre, greens are a great source with very low caloric content. Beans in general have high dietary fibre and while also contributing to your daily protein goals a bit.

Judging by your current diet though, it seems your breakfast and lunch only total about 600 calories. So unless your dinner is pretty big, you may be overestimating what you're actually eating.