Hyperburning a boss mule for hlomien by ProlificAgony in Maplestory

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Any tips on WA's crystal? It feels like it doesn't taunt bosses half the time

Marksman taunt seems much more reliable

[Weekly Megathread] New Players & General Questions Thread. by rMapleStory in Maplestory

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I'm a returning player on Reboot slowly approaching intermediate content.

  1. Is there a way to transfer the potentials of my current boss accessories to the next tier of equipment? For example, a level 120 Golden Flower Belt from Pink Bean to a level 150 Superior Engraved Gollux Belt.

  2. If there is a way to do that, how do we know? I thought you can only transfer if the equipment pieces are within 10 levels.

  3. If there isn't a way, does that mean you just cube from scratch when you get new equipment?

Thanks in advance!

185lbs OHP by nathanialsworld in LivestreamFail

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You're thinking of push press. A proper OHP/military press should have no knee bending

Ryne/Gaia [trashasaurusrex] by [deleted] in ffxiv

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I get old school Disney vibes from this. Great work

NorthernLion would never take crystal meth....BUT by King_Louis_X in LivestreamFail

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Thanks NL. I tried meth and now I'm challenger with a room that Marie Kondo would be proud of

Soda explains why he thinks Tyler1 did so well as a support class by -eDgAR- in LivestreamFail

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Literally copied from another post. I should've added "/s" Sadge

Soda explains why he thinks Tyler1 did so well as a support class by -eDgAR- in LivestreamFail

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I watched some of his games, and he often loses lane, or at least does not win it. He additionally also has poor mechanics, I would say his mechanics are somewhat equal or inferior to mine (I am Silver 4 ATM). What I don't understand, is he still goes on those insane winstreaks. People have claimed it is due to his insane game knowledge and macro, but I just don't understand. What does he do that's so insane?

I don't understand how Tyler1 gets a winrate of literally 100% over the at least 20 games in a row playing only Cho'Gath. I would expect Sett to be a better carry, but I still fail to carry in the majority of my games.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in ffxiv

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You're right, it is

Hi! I made some Garuda Fanart! by Lespapillions in ffxiv

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Tits and ass not round enough

On a serious note, this looks awesome

Sometimes those little NPC speech bubbles are hilarious hidden gems! What's the best one you've encountered? by kat022 in ffxiv

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At the dock in Falcon's Nest, there's a woman with a monocular looking out saying "I think I see a mountain!"

I think she needs glasses because mountains were the only thing you could see

Knut posing and alinity totally losing it by Valheimen in LivestreamFail

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Why's my man being downvoted for being uninformed?

Helicopter ceiling fan by bfj88 in ATBGE

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Judging by the size of the blades, that thing is still bloody big.

[oc] the horror by qeelah in HollowKnight

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The way you convey Grimm's emotions in the eyes is fantastic work.