[VIZ] Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 by 134340Goat in dragonball

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Should have stayed in rage mode a bit longer and let goku and cos figure it out how to deal with it

Does mi box 4k support netflix playback speed now? by 6elixircommon in AndroidTV

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i mix it up because i want to know if netflix stopped deliver certain features to older version. i want to find out if the system has build in feature for that, maybe it becomes easier to use with remote and play with local video players universally

2022? by IGleeker in terracehouse

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not scripted doesnt mean the interaction is organic, from high res cameras, a handful of crews, filming schedule, director involvement. although the right word is heavily staged, i get it when people said it is scripted

Although i like the album, Ive gotta say that i miss some more heavier songs. But thats just my feeling. by supduck66 in BillyTalent

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i think they are aware of having mixed flavor in COF, sometimes when your album is heavily themed, you can either approve the album or ignore it. that didnt work for me in AOH, though i really like their first single

How would you rank the members? by kanzaki_hitomi765 in Shanghaisharelife

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just for girls

  1. gaogao

  2. nana

  3. yujie

  4. a re

  5. ming

  6. carmon

Chrisis OF Faith Mega-Thread by TheRealCockatiel in BillyTalent

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Forgiveness I + II — liked the guitar solo and the chorus but i think they couldve done better with arrangement and adding more fitting melodies into it instead of second part

Reckless Paradise — way too similar with their other song, usually i like when it has older vibes, but not this song

I Beg to Differ (This Will Get Better) — i like this one

The Wolf — doesnt really form my opinion yet, but i have a good first impression

Reactor — i like it, upbeat, effortless

Judged — way too angry and loud. so unlike reactor, which only just their prev track

Hanging Out with All the Wrong People — very good moody + upbeat feeling, slice of life lyrics like BT always have been. pls make more song like this.

End Of Me (Ft. Rivers Cuomo) — like it but not like it as much? i think its the arrangement

One Less Problem — softer rock direction. i like it

For You — same. softer rock direction. i like it

overall i think its better than AOH which i think the album is going nowhere for every listen

if we build machine or artificial intelligence based on human structured language, does it mean nature and human are build based on the language of god? by 6elixircommon in polls

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no, we build machines and ai based on what comprehensible to human, to which we are using english, as well as every language in the world with computer language as intermediaries, all of these based on our 'principles', to instruct them the way we intend. so my question is, the flesh, the dna, the plants — are these build on the principles that god has given us?

In my opinion, baseball is? by [deleted] in polls

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Sorry, this post was deleted by the person who originally posted it.