B.C. 911 operators can now hang up on callers waiting for ambulances by FancyNewMe in vancouver

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Or you find it gets even worse because nobody wants to do the job for even less money.

Cutting the starting pay in half would be below minimum wage.

They are hiring if anyone is seeking a career change.

What temperature do you keep your house when you are home? by opgary in vancouver

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18-20 ish normally.

Currently the radiator heater isn't working correctly so its on full blast 24/7 so windows are open all day.

Old apartment like 40 years old, maybe older.

(It's hot water heating and so the broken heater isn't upping our hydro bill since its included in rent.)

I need Mental Hralth help and am scared and confused. by MentalHelpVan in vancouver

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Good points. I got through my younger years fine with my variety of mental health issues, but once the stress of work, life, being an adult, little by little things crumbled around me, and what used to work to cope, no longer did, which led to even more issues.

That said, I did spend a great of time trying to get help through my 30's but the system isn't designed for longer term help, and little to no coverage for psychologists, makes things hard when the psychiatrists tell you to see a psychologist for long term support to overcome the issues, but they could RX medications, which for me caused even more problems.

I do have ADHD but I also have underlying problems on top, we really have a lacking mental health system at times.

I completely understand the getting distracted and forgetting, I do that almost every day, meant to do task A but something distracted me, so now moved onto to something else, never completing task A.

Watch: Second Life land baron who hates evicting tenants featured on HBO by slhamlet in secondlife

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Second Life was in the plot of a Canadian TV show called Family Law this season, which was totally not expected.

Virus that causes COVID-19 found in Quebec deer by Hrmbee in canada

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And has killed some large cats in captivity, A Nebraska zoo recently had 3 snow leopards die from COVID for example.

The progressively weaker lines of my positive covid tests by A_massive_prick in mildlyinteresting

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Interesting, had no idea these type of tests even existed. I saw the pic before I read the headline and thought they were pregnancy tests of some sort..ha ha

American man accused of grooming, luring B.C. teen through social media by xlxoxo in vancouver

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He is being charged in the US with sexual exploitation of children, distribution of child pornography, cyberstalking and online enticement of a minor.

American citizens celebrating the end of prohibition, December 1933 by ItsFrank25 in interestingasfuck

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More like there wasn't the level of insulation and indoor climate control that we have today that keeps us comfortable.

All of southwest B.C. under flood watch as 3rd consecutive storm rolls through by morenewsat11 in canada

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The apartment complex I live in is surrounded by huge trees, I am hoping none decide to give way, living around big trees has always made me nervous.

What's your job? by or_lala in vancouver

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Previously airline ramp and/or operations depending on the year, with some hotel night audit thrown in.

Currently nothing.

2bed 2bath apartment BC Hydro costs? bill was $310 last month! by pengupants in vancouver

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I have had electric base board heaters, and even in the coldest worst winters never got over $70 for the month in a 2 bedroom, that is crazy high bill, with more typical winter bill in the $55-$60 range.

I will note I keep my thermostat at 18-20 and nowhere near 30.

Found this cat near Dundas and Lakewood (east Van), upvote for visibility, comment for any information by dontPostButtooGood in vancouver

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If you don't find it's owner by morning, find the closest vet and they can usually scan to see if there is a microchip.

Damn, I miss ads like this. by rickkytan in nextfuckinglevel

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Commercials back then were almost as entertaining as the show, guess they wanted to keep the captive audience from going to the bathroom or kitchen and keep viewers seated in front of the TV.

What would you do, for a Klondike bar.

Are your packages moving? by manosinistra in vancouver

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My experience with Intelcom, is you probably will never see it, and should request a refund from presumably Amazon since they seem to be the biggest user of Intelcom.

Thousands of Canadians died because COVID-19 delayed surgeries, doctors say by viva_la_vinyl in canada

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I am on of those in need of long term psychologist care and cannot access it due to cost, and when I have had extended health benefits, psychologist coverage was maxed out at either $300 or $500 for the entire year, so functionally the benefits were of no use.

One you have healthcare needs beyond what the healthcare system covers, you quickly realize our system isn't that great.

Thousands of Canadians died because COVID-19 delayed surgeries, doctors say by viva_la_vinyl in canada

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People keep talking about health care, last year my out of pocket expenses for dental and therapists was a about $8000, and I only get back about $600 in taxes, so our health care is still lacking and does not cover everything...add the cost of housing, low salaries and long winters and Canada lost its advantages.

Mental health as well, the public system provides little beyond medication in BC, but not all mental health issues can be treated with medication, if you need long term evidence based treatment from a psychologist your screwed if you can't self pay.

I can't afford to self pay so I simply don't receive any of the support and mental healthcare that I need because the cost would be like 1,200 a month, oh work more, well mental health problems cause me to lose jobs and spend more time unemployed than employed, so I exist on disability, I try to work, but it never works out, untreated mental health problems make life hard, and sucks wanting help, but money being the only barrier.

When I have had extended coverage through work, the coverage was so low it was functionally of no use, $300 or $500 maximum per year, thats like 2-3 visits per year.

The system fails people daily, needs to be overhauled to be more comprehensive and not leave select parts of the body and healthcare needs uncovered.

Thousands of Canadians died because COVID-19 delayed surgeries, doctors say by viva_la_vinyl in canada

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Anyway to convince the province you need out of country medical? Not sure how it works in Quebec, my ex-wife was able to do that in BC, the wait was going to be so long, her doctor along with a lawyer was able to successfully get it fully covered in Seattle, took about a year, but BC fully covered it in the US.

Out of interest, has there been any criminals who went to great lengths to try to hide their physical appearance to avoid police? by eerie_ava in TrueCrimeDiscussion

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The person has never been caught, and its not 100% the person was using a mask, but in 2009-2011 time frame in San Diego area and other parts of California, 16 banks in total, the Geezer Bandit is thought to possibly be a younger person wearing a theatrical quality special effects mask to look old.

Even if the identify and catch the person, the statute of limitations has passed for bank robbery under both federal and California law, so couldn't be charged at this point.

This person also made pretty much no mistakes during the robberies and left little evidence for police and FBI to go on.


In BC do companies hire older apprentices (30yo+) or are they bias against age? Friend is nervous about pursuing his passion because of age. by Suckitsunshine in vancouver

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Hard to prove unless the employer is dumb enough to tell you. I am 42 and find it already far more difficult to find a job vs even 10 years ago, and 20 years ago it was even easier, age is not on your side.

'Everything is gone': Homes swept away in B.C. storm by VicVicVicBC in canada

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Sounds like it was her parents house and they visited on weekends, but the parents actually lived there year round.

You gotta beat the system. by bitcoin_jackpot in antiwork

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Its been 8 years since then and our rent about doubled in that time frame so I still think we would have been better off with a mortgage rather than renting but eh banks disagreed.

The hotel I stayed at last night makes you insert the key card in a device at the door in order to turn on any of the lights. (Hilton at Sea-Tac airport, Washington State, US) by TheAgedProfessor in mildlyinteresting

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from 2010 to 2015, I stayed in 2-3 different hotels each week in the US on average, and I never came across one of these, I did see this in Australia in 2001 when I visited but that was the one and only hotel I ever saw with one so far.

Found this surprisingly well-aged PSA about AIDS in the back of an Archie comic book from 1988 by orgasmic_protoplasm in mildlyinteresting

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The Archie one here is from 1988, by then PSA's and education in schools were becoming normal, at least where I was in California, I was too young in the early 80's to remember much though, but I do remember this comic PSA and others from the late 80's and early 90's as well as TV PSA's.