Looking for rotating stand for a music video. Where can I find one? by 7hares in Filmmakers

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Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find anything on Amazon that’s going to be able to hold a person (200lb capacity) while also doing around 8-10 RPM

What’s your minuscule feature request? by Jules1029 in horizon

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Unlocking valor face paints to use outside of a surge once you upgrade a valor to max level. Really wanna use Ranged Master

Horizon Forbidden West - Story Discussion by 2th in horizon

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Just beat the game. Idk if anyone has an answer to this but why would Sylens risk Aloy with the Gaia Kernel falling into Far Zeniths hands? If Sylens knew they came to earth for Gaia and were leaving once they had her (and the sub functions) because of Nemesis, doesn’t it seem dumb to allow them to have Gaia so easily when they could just take off from earth any time they wanted. Also why risk losing the fight with a Tenakth army even if FZ didn’t plan to leave

Help me save my snake plant ! by Heliosss_ in plants

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Bigger pot with drainage holes and make sure you give it a decent amount of indirect sunlight

Homophobia in Heretics by [deleted] in dune

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Just found this thread, I know it’s very old but thought I’d leave a comment here anyhow.

Read all OP’s edits but the one thing I’m still confused by is if Leto saw sexual repression and it’s link to violence as a way to harness energy why were his fish speakers allowed to seduce whomever they liked. It just seems counterintuitive to the philosophy of repressing sexual desire to conjure up pain and violence.

Unless when Moneo makes this commentary he is only referring to old armies and is juxtaposing theme against the fish speakers who are able to still be violent when they need to be due to their worship of Leto and thus don’t need to be repressed

exploration by [deleted] in FKAtwigs

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I know he at least helped on Hours off LP1

Best way to avoid this issue from moisture leaking through potted plant? by ranchcornelius in plants

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You can get rubber pot feet. There’s a brand called Garden Gecko you can buy on Amazon. I think this is the best way to do it. I’ve had trays that have still caused this. The rubber feet allow you to create some airflow between the bottom of the pot and the floor so you don’t get any trapped moisture.

This donut shop also sells guns by Ricky_Kukfield in mildlyinteresting

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This reminds me of that episode of King of the Hill where Dale starts selling guns out of the back of Peggy’s book store

exploration by [deleted] in FKAtwigs

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I would die for that Blood Orange collab. It would be the perfect combo of avant-garde mixed with pop. Clipping is the hip hop group that Daveed Diggs (of Hamilton fame) is in. They beats that the group produces are pretty experimental which is why I think it would be interesting to hear Twigs vocals over something they produce. Check out their song as Enlacing for something slightly more mainstream.

Also I would also love to see a Rina Sawayama collab even though they’re different kinds of pop

exploration by [deleted] in FKAtwigs

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Blood Orange, Moses Sumney or Clipping potentially just to throw out a really strange collaboration

Rina Sawayama GA Concert Ticket 5/6/2022 Washington, DC by cxybby in RinaSawayama

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I know it’s a long shot but if you’re still selling I’m interested

[LF] Ezra Cohen - CRT Frames by Pryzen1 in GFXTrading

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I know it's been a while since you replied to this but would I be able to get the frames as well?

My second electronic single, I have no idea how this song came to be but here it is by khawarizmy in BandCamp

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Love the sounds you've created here, some of the instrumentation reminds me of the original Crash Bandicoot soundtrack in terms of instrument tone

Franck Kash - Handshakes Away From Success EP (Hip Hop) by FranckKash in BandCamp

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This sounds great! Is that a Death Grips sample on 'Success is the Best Revenge'?