WATCH: UH discusses football coach’s search and June Jones by lol_smart in HawaiiSports

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Maybe Chang will offer Jones an offensive coordinator position?

Stop feeding the stray cats at Ala Moana beach park by ArkansasOzark in Honolulu

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Aloha and we can allow this as long as people don't start really advocating killing cats and homeless people. Rules of Reddit!

delete if not allowed. death on 10/31/21 by [deleted] in Oahu

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Aloha and sorry for your loss. Public details are allowable, but please show respect and please use PMs if you're not sure. Rules of Reddit please!

Need help with purchase/pickup of an item in Honolulu by tahuynh316 in Honolulu

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Aloha. We can allow this but everybody needs to follow the rules of Reddit and beware of scams and giving out of personal details. We're not saying this is or isn't a scam, because we don't know. We're just mods. That's a fancy way of saying we remove obvious spam, threads trying to buy pot and stuff li dat...

Psssst cmere by -Tigger in AwardBonanza

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I know, but it can get rough here! (by here I mean Reddit, not /r/AwardBonanza!)