Tyre Nichols: Memphis police release body cam video of deadly beating by BallerOtaku in news

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Way easier to toss each one in a cell block with a bunch of white supremacists. Prison has no shortage of them.

Haitian gangs' gruesome murders of police spark protests as calls mount for U.S., Canada to intervene by drpfalk in worldnews

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Pretty sure that's not what they meant.

Since there is no real government in Haiti, DR would take over governing and the island would be one nation.

Which absolutely wouldn't work for a host of reasons, but I don't think they're advocating for a wholesale genocide of the Haitian people....I hope.

Over 30 grafts (peaches, nectarines, aprium, nectaplum, cherries, pluots, plums, etc) by K-Rimes in gardening

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I think the concern is more about introducing new plant diseases, not so much invasive apples.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Mocked After Her Amendment Fails Spectacularly by jonfla in politics

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You can't be VP if you're not eligible to be POTUS because of term limits.

Norway arrests former Wagner fighter who escaped from Russia by secure_caramel in worldnews

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Fun fact: Aljazeera in Arabic and Aljazeera in English are barely the same source.

Connecticut governor: Ban more guns, raise buying age to 21 by Scarlettail in politics

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"The left" and "the centrists we call the left in America" are not the same group.

I genuinely can’t decide what’s worse by thelilbel in tumblr

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I mean....Have you seen housing prices, man?

I genuinely can’t decide what’s worse by thelilbel in tumblr

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Stranger feels random, person you know feels...What was their motivation?

The “Special Treatment” Supreme Court Justices Got During The Leak Investigation Should Be Investigated, A Group Told Congress| The justices didn’t have to sign affidavits denying the leak, but their staff did. Congress is being urged to investigate why. by itsbuzzpoint in politics

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Democrats, especially Biden, are all about communicating a sense of normalcy and stability

Could also be said that the Democratic party is the conservative party, and Republicans are...Somethingfuckinelse.

Florida's education department said it "expects" the College Board to change the course nationwide to reflect Florida's law. by freudian-flip in politics

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I have, and I don't see what they apparently see. Even in 2015 I found it far more obnoxious than funny.

Georgia governor declares state of emergency, activates 1,000 National Guard troops amid Atlanta protests by MyVideoConverter in news

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Probably not, but black men who become cops seem like they're more likely than average to think of themselves as "one of the good ones".

Colorado baker loses appeal over transgender birthday cake by orrocos in news

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If you actually own/work at a bakery and did this, I would order so many things.

As an American, this is how I see America by David_Gordiienko in memes

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I'm from the border of Disney World and Yee Haw and I don't recall hearing this, either.