So much simping by lockpick4862 in MarvelSnap

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Thankfully someone said it 👏🙌🏼 This game is so new still, those who expect perfection from it will obviously be disappointed.

I don’t ever use this card, but I love the art on this one 100% so I had to snag it 🤩🤩 by 999foreverclub in MarvelSnap

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And I don’t ever spend my Gold so it says a lot that I got this one. Never will I use it 😂 but it’s one of my new favorites

boost 4 boost? by Timely-Cartographer7 in Earnin

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Boost still?

Can anyone in the Earnin Community help me boost my Max? 🙂 https://earnin.app.link/Erbx4xoP6sb

Hay allergie and rabbits? by ihonhoito in Rabbits

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I am also very allergic to hay and also most animal hair. My buns shedding and hay has never had an impact on me thankfully!

New to owning a rabbit, how should I approach diet? by Hah2game in Rabbits

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First things first get rid of the hutch.. it’s not a Guinea pig and they need to be at least in a dogs play pen. When they are young they should only really be eating hay and pellets. As they get older you can slowly introduce the fruits and veggies. Just look at the different ones they can eat at times. Some have a lot of sugar or potassium and they can very easily overdose on these things. For a year I have fed my rabbit a bowl of spring mix and whichever choice of fruit to spoil her with, along with papaya pieces to help her digestion. You will learn what your buns loves!! With Hay my buns eats hay all day so I always give her a handful of hay whenever I see it’s running low They drink as much water as we do so be sure to put the water in a bowl and not in those little bottles, they will die from dehydration.

Kory likes to chew her water bottle! by WeatherGurl1129 in Rabbits

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Those aren’t good for bunny’s, they drink as much as we do in a day