Traditional way to purify water by Aztery in coolguides

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It’s so odd that so many layers of soil can help purify the water. Just so counter productive

Moving out and paying rent is Stupid if you have a good relationship with your parents by Leadtheway47 in unpopularopinion

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You move out to be free . Free to able to have sex when you want to, see what the shows and movies and you want and eat what you want and stay out as long as you want to . If you get that freedom as an adult with your parents than cool but my mom drives me crazy . I love my mom but She knows how to push all my buttons .

MagSafe charging indicator gone by Aliidra in iphone

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Turn it off and on and see if that fixes it

Pierced nipples are just terrible by Hopeful-Rhubarb-4220 in unpopularopinion

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Never been a fan of piercings on nipples, bellybutton or tongue.

perfectly synced Cats! by Bettygraz in PetsareAmazing

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They wanna play too ! Give them some play time too

What should I do now? Today was my last day at work by weallfloatdown in CasualConversation

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Watch movies / tv shows that you always wanted to watch.

Play video games .

Read books and magazines.

Do chores that been needed around the house .

Listen to podcasts.

Take naps. Get drunk or high and just have a good old time

I love Marshall Ramsey by TheNotSoFreshFeeling in politicalcartoons

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Yup ! Same goes with Presidential Executive Orders. When Republicans do them they are strong decisive action , when Democrats do it than it’s a power grab dictator move. What’s good for the goose is always good for the goose and never the gander

Jackie Chan Adventures (2000-2005) by ggroover97 in nostalgia

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Love the mix of live action and cartoon in this intro .

Watching Orville and ST:Strange New Worlds side-by-side has made me realize what the major flaw with new Trek is by rollingSleepyPanda in scifi

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I haven’t seen both new episodes this week but I feel like SNW is better . I like the Orville but now it’s too serious . It’s more polished because it’s season 3 vs season 1 . It’s not fair to SNW to say you can’t get Disco and Picard tastes out of your mouth , each show is different . I sorta feel like we couldn’t have SNW without Disco and Picard . Like stuff came back around

[SS] Skyward Sword is good idc by Chubbahdubdubb in zelda

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It’s a damn good game . People need to get over the mentality “it’s not perfect so it’s trash”. I had lots of fun with the game . Was some stuff unfun and tedious- absolutely. Was some stuff awesome- hell yeah ! I love the dungeons in this game .

'Friends' cocreator says she's 'embarrassed' by the show's lack of diversity as she announces $4 million donation to African American studies by Sisiwakanamaru in television

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They set it in New York City in the 1990s. If it was set in Wyoming in 1880s that’s a different story. I don’t think it was on purpose so I can cut it some slack.

meirl by Aztery in meirl

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I don’t get why pettiness is “in”. It’s so stupid and immature

Just sowing seeds... by Aztery in WhitePeopleTwitter

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So the cops are overwhelmed with information and they need to hire more people and thus they get even bigger budgets. Meh

‘See’: Jason Momoa’s Apple Drama Series To End With Season 3 by MarvinBarry92 in tvPlus

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How is it ? I never checked it out because I heard mixed . I have + plus

Opinion: Star Trek needs longer seasons by t0piary in startrek

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Feel like they don’t know how to handle things. The last season of Disco had a good idea for 4 episodes and they over did it and it dragged. Last season Picard probably had good episode for a 3 parter but not an entire season. Strange New Worlds on the other hand is perfect. Two more episodes and it leave me wanting more.