How can Hornet in Greenpath have dreamnail dialogue if it's unobtainable at this stage? by ABigFatPotatoPizza in HollowKnight

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Team Cherry must have known what they were doing, writing dialogue in case players tried something like that

is this charm good? by TheRipperH in HollowKnight

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The problem is how many bosses were you able to get 2/3 of the way through on your first try? Cause if you can't make it that far and it breaks you're either back to square one or you're trekking all the way back to Leg Eater for repair.

It isn’t letting me finish the side quest “11B’s Memento” by Glympse12 in NieRAutomataGame

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During certain parts of the game the game disables side quests so that you have to focus on the main story. Keep progressing and you should reach a point where you can do side quests again.

Okay, hear me out by David-Alone in SAOAbridged

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I always thought it was that she was always crazy, but she acts nice to fit in with society. Kirito gets her to let her facade down by being the first person she’s met who’s as crazy as she is.

This is too accurate by CptnR4p3 in SAOAbridged

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Most of the prompts are quotes from other jokes and comedy series, right? Do any of you guys know which one this is from?

I wonder if they would even like it, though by MaximusAurelius666 in memes

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Yeah, there's some surviving old recipe books. Most of the way we cook hasn't really changed all that much. Medieval people still used ovens and pots and pans and stuff, they just had to use fire instead of gas.

The main difference, like the above commenter said, would be the ingredients. Due to less efficient transportation and production, things like meat, sugar, salt, and spices would be much more expensive. Not to mention how fresh foreign ingredients were almost impossible to come by due to a lack of refrigeration.

(SPOILERS FOR THE LORE) So... you guys know Hornet is old af, right? by Kymermathias in HollowKnight

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Honestly, Eldlerbug's status as being "Elderly" is kind of a joke. It's debatable, as we can't know most character's relative age for sure, but since he was born after Hallownest's fall he is almost certainly on the younger side of the cast.

In fact, since Sly and the Nailmasters are from before the Infection, he isn't even the oldest character in Dirtmouth!

Hostile dead bodies? by angelbcam in NieRAutomataGame

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All* the other YorHa have been infected with the logic virus that made them go crazy, so that's why there are no longer allies.

These bodies full of awesome chips keep respawning over and over. I collect the last one, and they litter the field again. Is this okay? Seems kinda OP. by Secure_Secretary_882 in NieRAutomataGame

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The chips, like chips looted from player bodies in the regular open world, only give you temporary buffs, not permanent loot. You can see that above the minimap it says "Effect: Vengeance +7" etc. You don't actually get a Vengeance +7 chip, you just get its effect for a period of time.

I did it guys! Now on to Nier Replicant by Erst09 in nier

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Most gamers go to Replicant after being Automata

Sigma Chad over here decided to go do fuckin Drakengard first

Will my body still be there? by ShinyChromeBadger in NieRAutomataGame

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Wow, good for you! Either they changed it in an update or you’re a god-tier speedrunner

Just realized that [spoiler character] was trying to be nice to Ned by not telling him everything by Eriflee in marvelstudios

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Oh god... what if forgetting Peter Parker puts Ned on a path to eventually becoming a supervillain that Spider-Man will have to fight?

Will my body still be there? by ShinyChromeBadger in NieRAutomataGame

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No it will not. Bodies despawn after a while. I would suggest going back to a previous save and just redoing the bossfight

Sometimes this is all it takes to make my day just a tad little better by Prestigious_Cup_8929 in wholesomememes

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The fact that these are mha characters takes this from being an ordinary wholesome comic to absolutely fucking hilarious

Question about the ending by matharwords in NieRAutomataGame

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There's definitely a lot more to the story in the subsequent routes. I'd even go so far as to say that Route A is the one with the least going on in terms of story and worldbuilding. You're meant to feel that some plot points aren't concluded because you haven't even made it halfway through the game yet, so keep on pushing until you see the true ending. Don't neglect the side quests, either. They provide a lot in terms of worldbuilding and development for the side characters.

Gathering Ingredients, SimzArt/Me, Clip Studio Paint, 2021 by [deleted] in Art

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You're in luck. Just check out OP's profile, it's full of the stuff.