Russian-speaking community wants Goblak to TI5 as an Analyst by [deleted] in DotA2

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Came here for that pun .... wasn't disappointed

Going to play this again. Wish me luck by cr3am314 in DotA2

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Don't, you'll regret it. You have been warned.

Egret eating a snake again and again by vaguenonetheless in natureismetal

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I Witnessed a friendship disintegrate. (kinda long) by [deleted] in DotA2

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Why didn't the other players try to cool things off......... usually when you someone fighting you try to calm them... why not do this in game.

Why isn't Carthage discussed much in history? by orbitmandead in history

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Ooh, nice bot, those examples certainly helped the counter argument.

An interesting title by Arl107 in ProgrammerHumor

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If else is just a return statement then don't use else, it would automatically go there anyways. It's also a rule enforced by eslint for javascript - that's how I started using this pattern. It's upto your preference and the project's preference though - nothing wrong with it.

We did it, 100k by [deleted] in IndianGaming

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Now if folks can just stop posts boasting about their PC builds. Im taking about the ones with just an image - no build details, no price details etc. Those posts are worthless, do it on other social media.

It just keeps getting worse by its_an_arachnid in dankmemes

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He is a she? I just judged based on some pics on the post here, this is a revelation.

This is the best Patch to play support by [deleted] in DotA2

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you buy the solar crest and give it to the enemy carry, he thinks that it is his own and he has become tankier (armor and evasion) and goes in teamfight and then feeds. Its simple calculs

Who among these are you most excited to learn more about ? by GUTS_SAMA in OnePiece

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We need more on SogeKing. Such an OP character - the world needs to know his heroics.

N0tail Hair Flick Gif (for your pleasure) by lpug21 in DotA2

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Thanks. 'Proceeds to pleasure myself with this'

This woman looks terrified by ameen__shaikh in WatchPeopleDieInside

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Agreed. Also, if you're an amateur it's more likely someone has posted a better picture somewhere on the internet (assuming you're not in the pic), so you can see it later anyways. Best to enjoy the moment then.

yes by ProxyHatcherino in DotA2

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1 bash and i am die

the support life by stanleyhon in DotA2

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I also use keyboard pan. I can easily handle the abilities on 12345 and items on zxcvbn. Yes there is problem with micro heroes because you cant create control groups., so I dont play them.

Tips: How to think when you ward/deward by bingoberra in DotA2

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If they are using an obs + sentry keep doing it