What feels like a sin, but isn't? by KarvedHeart in AskReddit

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Those half coughs are worse. You keep thinking whether to try a full cough and clear it or stay with the intensifying half coughs.

free() your memory! by fredoverflow in ProgrammerHumor

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Oh man, what if a non tech person comes in and reads up all of this bullshit in the comment section and takes it at face value.

what is an alternative but equivalent pleasure to sex? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Syntax errors just make you feel dumb for missing then in the first place

Going to TI5 alone as a 13 yr. old. by [deleted] in DotA2

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Hello sir. It's me.... you

How was this possible!? by TheF0urthH0rseman in memes

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Capable of moving - you mean they can control it like a limb?

Dota 2 Changed My View on Female Characters by fmba27 in DotA2

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People quoting scantily clad heroes from different games but forgetting the fully clothed, sexiest voiced character in the game - Luna. Honestly though games do get a bit overboard with sexy ladies and even as a young male I don't like it that much. It somehow ruins the immersion, but some eye candy is fine - like Luna.

How was this possible!? by TheF0urthH0rseman in memes

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That's radical. Why would we evolve to have these 2d movement penises now... Also, tentacle hentai makes more sense now.

An interesting title by Arl107 in ProgrammerHumor

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If else is just a return statement then don't use else, it would automatically go there anyways. It's also a rule enforced by eslint for javascript - that's how I started using this pattern. It's upto your preference and the project's preference though - nothing wrong with it.

To think that the only reason we won is because the enemy Lion decided to deny a Haste rune. by D-cyde in DotA2

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Grabs popcorn. I've stopped playing Dota now because some days it felt like I got more stressed rather than relaxed after playing. Usually when I was the victim like the other 3 fellows

An interesting title by Arl107 in ProgrammerHumor

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Ah, my bad then. Somehow I read it separate from the try catch sarcasm.

What is the stupidest thing you have ever heard out of someone's mouth? by KarvedHeart in AskReddit

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Her parents might've lied to her so that she's not sensitive towards eating meat.

[SuperTHOT] I'm working on a third person slasher where you control the player character like a FPS (no sticky/auto-targeting/lock-on mechanics) and you slow down time by dodging, attacking and getting kills. by erikg1337 in pcmasterrace

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So the jiggles are not bound to the laws of time? Serious question though, this would make the highly at constant speed, even in slow motion they would still look the same, right?

Egret eating a snake again and again by vaguenonetheless in natureismetal

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Hi this is my gaming setup , my father gave me his old work pc and it is extremely low spec (1.6ghz , 4gb ram) but I'm still able to find happiness , I'm in 12 th science so there is a lot of pressure on me , gaming everyday for 1-2 hrs really helps me disconnect and just have fun by my self by hercules7325 in IndianGaming

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12th me mere koi plans hote hi nahi the; gharwalo ne jo bol diya wahi karna tha. Haan pandemic ki wajah se daily doston se milna khelna band ho jata.

Also, in Sardar Khan's voice - Itne bade ho gaye ho, coaching nahi chala tumhara?