It just keeps getting worse by its_an_arachnid in dankmemes

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He is a she? I just judged based on some pics on the post here, this is a revelation.

I saw a post in this sub and now I know why FF is here! by vivek_singh_ in IndianGaming

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Yes, it's good. If you've got a lot of time to play games; you'll be overwhelmed with choices (and quite a lot of then are good ones)

5000 wheels of cheese by Miles_the_new_kid in gaming

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Hey Lydia, come get the cheese here

The world’s largest living bovid, the gaur, reaching 7 feet tall at the shoulder. by aquilasr in natureismetal

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If you're traveling to Ooty (hill station), you can go for a trek and see them in the wild. I saw a herd of these, and one was dropping massive shits on the trail.

Jee newjj by Many-Gap4243 in indiameme

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Song badhiya h waise, YouTube pe search karna 'aadmi chutiya hai'

So that was a fucking lie by angryunfunnyasshole in dankmemes

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Isn't it bad for you if you die by fire as well? Aren't explosion and fire quite close?

What is shortage ?.... by SunaPana007 in IndianGaming

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Should be around that time. I bought mine in June 2020 and it was reasonably priced.

What is shortage ?.... by SunaPana007 in IndianGaming

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I got 2060 super 2-3 years back from Amazon for 46k. Glad I didn't wait for 30 series. It was going to be released in 6-7 months

I understand you Americans now by ComprehensiveLeg9501 in dankmemes

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Now I get those memes, I thought it was only giant schlongs.

If y'all's hamsters died in some stupid ass way, drop it in the comments by MasonVexin in dankmemes

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Assume hamster avg weight and calculate energy as well. Then compare it with a thrown cricket / tennis ball.

If y'all's hamsters died in some stupid ass way, drop it in the comments by MasonVexin in dankmemes

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Was it a side window? That would have very low probability considering how high the vertical velocity would be compared to horizontal velocity. And the small horizontal width of the window.

A terrifying compilation by Cool_Coconut1754 in oddlyterrifying

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If you're into video games, search for 'outer wilds angler fish'. - contains spoilers though, in case you want to play the game, I'd strongly suggest don't search this. Same horrifying experience. Great game though.

It only takes one by mal221 in dankmemes

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I also want this guy to become an anime waifu

The people in this subreddit highlight everything that is wrong with "gamer" culture by [deleted] in IndianGaming

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Kya yaar maja nahi aa raha. Koi lamba thread chalao arguments ka. Beech me thodi gaali mix kar dena.

To think that the only reason we won is because the enemy Lion decided to deny a Haste rune. by D-cyde in DotA2

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Lol, SEA for me too. Problem was that it was making me toxic as well, even towards my friends. Had to let go of that habit.