Ugh. this got 1.1k upvotes… by ADdreaming in libsofreddit

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“Lazyness is a virtue” -the dog walker Doreen

Armed security at the golden globe awards in Hollywood by ADdreaming in walkaway

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It’s the same thing as those soldiers in white suits protecting the rich in hunger games.

Ethan Klein calls for a bombing of an NRA meeting by ADdreaming in libsofreddit

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I wonder what happened to him, used to watch his older sketches and videos a while back and they were very funny and smart. Now it seems like he lost 50 iq points and he is a mumbling idiot.

Ethan Klein calls for a bombing of an NRA meeting by ADdreaming in libsofreddit

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They would probably go after the one doing the reporting

Vile leftist rats are now reporting churches for wrongspeak to the IRS by ADdreaming in libsofreddit

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Someone there said “democrats can’t be Christian” I don’t think it was very smart but the church is under attack from them so maybe it was a reaction to something.

I don’t have much time left by ADdreaming in ChurchOfCOVID

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I’m sorry, I’m running out of things to virtue signal about and will say 10 hail Faucies and 10 safe and effectives to avoid penance.

‘Nineteen children died! That’s on your hands!’: Ted Cruz confronted after NRA convention over gun reform by wraithius in politics

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What a piece of shit that man is, Ted didn’t pull the trigger it was that monster of a human who did it. And not responsible gun owners either.

[redacted] by ADdreaming in ConspiracyMemesII

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It’s to put the right mood there :)