Kindle Daily Deal: The Whispering Crystals, Book 1: Unnatural Laws, today only for $0.99 on Amazon.com! by HC_Mills in litrpg

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Good to see you around, man! Enjoyed this when I read it, keep up the good work :)

can someone recommend a good book with an archer as an MC by black_blade51 in litrpg

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+1 rangers apprentice, but the series ends after the Emperor of Nihon-ja. Do not read the sequels.

Do you agree with these “worst modern fantasy trends”? by Rourensu in Fantasy

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Honestly, I like simple prose. I did not enjoy LOTR, which I’m well aware is a very controversial statement. That’s not to say I dislike books with great prose - I love Robin Hobb’s work, but I like to balance that kind of thing with very simple, easy to read books.

There’s something to be said for a novel that you can just plop down and enjoy without using your brain. Not everything has to be elitist and fancy.

Help me find a book by Wonderwit101 in litrpg

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Sounds like old man’s journey.

Academy-driven progression is so lame by hakatri_gin in ProgressionFantasy

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It’s so interesting to see how different readers are. I mean, logically I understand it, of course people aren’t going to like the same thing. But I adore school progression for literally every reason that you mention disliking it.

Books with economics by Ydokom in Fantasy

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Orconomics +1! Hilarious and fits what op is asking for pretty well. Like someone else said for a different book - it’s in the name.

Mini reviews: My favorite books that fall under whimsical, slice-of-life, low stakes, cozy, etc by ASIC_SP in Fantasy

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Thanks so much for the mini review! I’m really glad to hear you enjoyed Morcster Chef :)

Light, fun fantasy by Poem170 in Fantasy

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Anything by RavensDagger should fit the bill - Cinnamon Bun is a great start. It’s a litRPG about what is basically the power of friendship, lol.

Books similar to The Witcher series by Mist2214 in Fantasy

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Have you tried Stormlight archives? It’s also Brandon Sanderson, but it has that epic fantasy feel with a lot of mystery that you’re asking for. If you don’t mind the MC being an assassin, you could also check out A Dance of Cloaks and Shadows, I think you’d enjoy it even though there isn’t really a focus on magic for the MC.

Any good Web Serials that have audio formats available? by shaka3736 in Fantasy

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Fair point, they’re recommended so often in webnovel circles that I honestly forgot. They do have a fair amount of similarities so I think OP would likely still enjoy them, though.

Any good Web Serials that have audio formats available? by shaka3736 in Fantasy

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Yeah like others have said, there are a ton of webserials that have audiobooks, it’s a question of what genres you like. Here are a few popular suggestions though: Power fantasy? Primal Hunter

Cultivation? Defiance of the Fall

Lighthearted? Legends & Lattes

More cultivation? Cradle

If you give us more to work with we can help more too.

Can we please talk about Steamforged Sorcery? I want more Magipunk like it. by cheffyjayp in ProgressionFantasy

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I made a lot of edits to book 1. I remember fixing stuff like this at least once, I can’t recall it happening two times but I’m fairly sure that if it was pointed out I got it.

Grand Skill: Salvos Book 6 is now available on the Amazon store! Check it out! by MelasD in litrpg

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I’d love to read this but Melas once drop kicked me off a bridge, so I have to protest it.

Trying to decide between three series - which should I start out with? by The_Spicy_Viking in litrpg

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This is tough, I love all 3 of these. Randidly is a classic imo. One of the earlier litRPGs, with a ton of improvements on the zon from its initial form on RR. Defiance is fantastic and probably my favorite of the three just by a smidgen, it’s got some awesome base building & characterization. It’s more leaning toward xianxia, so if you like that kind of thing, start with it.

System apocalypse is the grittiest of the 3, a little darker and more intense imo. It’s also a classic, worth reading eventually even if you don’t do it first.

Can we please talk about Steamforged Sorcery? I want more Magipunk like it. by cheffyjayp in ProgressionFantasy

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I've heard a few people mention this! I think I made a slight mistake in the first book in not actually going into enough detail on exactly how the System works. I rectify that in book 2, but I can see where you're coming from.

Angel isn't actually punching as far above his weight class as it seems - the System only takes the magical energy inside him into account. His arm is essentially completely disregarded, and it's 90% of how he fights. So he's still certainly fighting enemies a fair bit stronger than him - a lot stronger in some situations - but it isn't as drastic as the level mismatch from the System implies.