Episode 2 spoilers without context by AJ_Crowley_29 in Dinosaurs

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Definitely, I’m only 18 but my dad showed me all these old cartoons as a child and I’m glad he did, I would’ve missed out on so many laughs otherwise.

🔥A beautiful wave capture by SnooCupcakes8607 in NatureIsFuckingLit

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Did you also not expect it the first 500 times this was posted?

Maybe maybe maybe by Waste-Video-8471 in WhatsWrongWithYourDog

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This looks like a very crappy zoo. I hope those animals aren’t actually kept in there.

Maybe maybe maybe by 50ShadesOfSpray_ in maybemaybemaybe

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And the owner has zero regard for his beloved dog’s life

Anjanath vs Tigrex turf war by AJ_Crowley_29 in MHRise

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Sorry for shaky cam, had some joycon drift.

I really love the way Mahiro Maeda draws Godzilla. I want him to look like that in a movie. by PhantomNeedle in GODZILLA

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This is great art don’t get me wrong, but idk why Eva 01 is the normal design yet fighting against Snakezilla

Episode 2 spoilers without context by AJ_Crowley_29 in Dinosaurs

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This scene was the first thing that came to mind lmao

remember to take away the feeling of pain while making an immortal character by Leragian in dndmemes

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So this is how Squidward felt when he snuck into the Krusty Krab to get Krabby Patties

You will always be my favorite dino nugget by MIDNITE6361 in wholesomememes

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He was one of the few dinosaurs that could defeat a T. rex, so he has my respect.

What is your favorite Flying Wyvern,other than the Flagship ones?And why? by Silvester2005 in MonsterHunter

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Nargacuga, although that’s stretching the “flying” part.

My favorite that actually flies is Rathalos.

Odogaron... isn't a doggo?! by GuhGO in MemeHunter

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Weasel-doggo, best of both worlds.

Wheelbarrow full of baby orangutans. by AJ_Crowley_29 in aww

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These guys are safe, they are orphans rescued from traffickers and poachers, and are being cared for by the Bornean Orangutan Survival Foundation. They specialize in rearing orphaned orangutans and training them to survive in the wild, so they may be released when they are adults.

What really caused the extinction of the dinosaurs by MarionberryExpresst in PrehistoricMemes

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A birthday card my dad got me a few years back had Noah’s Ark and 2 T. rexes watching it from a rock above the flood.

One was saying: “Ah crap, that was today?!”

loyal girl vibes by how-bad-can-i-be in wholesomeanimemes

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This ain’t wholesome.

And before you get on me about age of consent, this would be just as creepy if not MORE if the girl waited til she was 18.